Gas Water Heater West Melbourne

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater West Melbourne

Pat Cafone from Energy Saver explains the ins and outs of a natural gas hot water heater so you can learn how to save money, maintain and talk to repairmen with a basic udnerstanding of how they work.

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  1. soogrimv says:

    Im so glad you did this. This is just what I was looking for thanks…

  2. ozorioorem says:

    I did that and was worse

  3. Benny Tsui says:

    no brace or stand ?

  4. TVBwatcher says:

    STRONG WARNING about this video. Be careful about setting your water heater
    below the standard setting for normal use (say 120 degrees). Although it is
    not always possible, a temperature below the 120 opens up the possibility
    of Legionnaires disease. Run an internet search about Legionnaires disease
    in water heater. JUST a precaution.

  5. billybassman21 says:

    Plus you run out of hot water faster. With a higher temp you can add more
    cold water and theirefore use less hot water from the tank. I don’t know
    where this guy is getting his numbers from, but my gas bill in the summer
    is $20 a month. This is with a gas dryer, gas water heater and a gas stove.
    Turing it down isn’t going to save much and like I said you will run out of
    hot water faster. Finally the dishwasher can’t sanatize properly below 120
    degrees and will use more energy trying.

  6. David45Abq says:

    It’s called a water heater .. Not a “hot water heater” .. If the water was
    already hot coming into your home, you wouldn’t need a “hot water heater”
    .. Heh …

  7. koapaka75 says:

    Natural gas water heater how does it work?….Oh wait. Is he asking us?
    Cause I didn’t learn a damn thing about how one works.

  8. jstu45 says:

    Wasted space on Youtube servers

  9. lennox752 says:

    Great video, thank you.

  10. Patty Shinn says:

    Hi Pat: Great video …… Thank God for You Tube! You did an AWESOME job
    of explaining the elements of a Gas Water Heater. Thank you for your
    expertise . P Shinn Gilbert, Az.

  11. M Nolan says:

    koapaka, Maybe you didn’t learn because you can’t listen, or can’t think.
    Or maybe you’re just an idiot.

  12. Eric Sulser says:

    Thanks Pat! Great Video and you thought me lots! It would have been nice to
    speak about the pilot and on/off switch

  13. Evil Vil says:

    Should I be worred that I turn off water input vale, and cracking sound are
    making inside the tank. If leaking acure at the P/T relife vale, should I
    replace vale, if it is correded.

  14. James Zawacki says:

    Agree with many others.. this video doesn’t help much and it doesn’t really
    even explain much. Also, suggesting to turn down the temperature for money
    savings sounds fine but could majorly impact appliances, such as dish
    washers ability to sanitize the dishes it’s washing.

  15. Chau Tran says:

    Make sure that the baby’s drafting good! haha

  16. The GAS Company says:

    How a gas water heater works