Gas Water Heater Winter Garden

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Winter Garden

My tips and tricks to Heat a Greenhouse come Winter, Heating a greenhouse with Electric Heating and hot water heat sinks. These tips will keep your winter vegetables or tender plants growing all winter long.
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21 Responses

  1. Brads Greenhouse says:
  2. MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

    Really great setup Brad! you take more care than most people do. holy
    cow… that is crazy but so cool!

  3. Enrique p l says:

    omg is beautiful, so

  4. Chnuesis creative household says:

    Hello Brad
    I am interrested how much kilowatt / hour You use per winter month with
    your method. And how many square meters your greenhouse is. Why?
    Now my husband is building automation technician and his business
    specializes in energy saving with intelligent controls.
    For example, we have fitted solar panels and hot water tank with heat
    pumps, the whole is operated with a PLC controller. Since then, we need for
    our family house, only 1/3 of energy.

  5. Praxxus55712 says:

    Bubble wrap! LOL That’s hilarious yet smart. I don’t know why but bubble
    wrap always cracks me up.

  6. Brads Greenhouse says:

    +Praxxus55712 Thanks Ray! Bubble wrap makes me laugh just thinking about

  7. Brock Hughes says:

    Brad you have done such a lovely job there. I noticed my electric bill for
    november it was darn near double. the electric heat is breaking me so I
    think I’ll run a gas line and get a nice gas stove for the GH s natural gas
    is less expensive than our electricity 

  8. Garrett Spring says:


  9. Orchid lover says:

    candles were a great idea!!

  10. MissOrchidGirl says:

    The bucket with hot water is a great idea, I could use it in my balcony if
    winter gets to -15 this year 😀 thanks for the tip!

  11. andrea g says:

    My husband Bill and I absolutely loved your video, though we are in Texas,
    and temps are not as low as yours, your tips are so appreciated. Thank

  12. happybuddyperson says:

    Hey Brad, have you heard of Rocket Mass Heaters? They are popular for
    greenhouses but can even be used on normal houses and supposedly use 1/10th
    the amount of wood as a normal chimney fire heat source, and releases
    1/1000th the smoke and steam, etc. The size can also be adjusted to fit
    your needs! I’d recommend you look into it, it is a very cost-effective way
    to heat things from what I’ve researched. (It’s too much to explain all at
    once even in these unlimited youtube comments).

  13. Diane Jean says:

    I seen people put manure in a large container and as it decomposes it heats
    up. Smells like the country but way less expensive. 

  14. Grow Your Heirlooms says:

    I am in zone 7b. I also bubble wrap my greenhouse in the winter. But I
    can’t cover my lower vent as I’ve had trouble not allowing ventilation. How
    do you bring in fresh air?

  15. Donna Shahan says:

    Is there a special bubble wrap made for greenhouses?

  16. M Sizemore says:

    You are totally wasting water and energy, Use a hot water tank and
    circulate water through pex or epdm pipe

  17. Maria Busse says:

    Hello Brad I seen a Pitcher plant in there. I have gotten mine at Lowes
    and always died!!! Where did you buy yours??? Also Ray did you know that
    if you have leaky windows in your house you can also use the bubble wrap, 

  18. nathen oneal says:

    Omg I love it.

  19. alan headrick says:

    I am in 8b Florida Panhandle and looking at doing a greenhouse project. I
    am contemplating doing an in ground solar heating setup. It just doesn’t
    get very cold where we are at just a few days a month at most. More likely
    the plants will cook in the day time during the winter. Then I would have
    to take down the greenhouse for the summer.

  20. Jason Miller says:

    Where do you find large rolls of bubble wrap like you used?

  21. scale model workshop since 2013 says:

    Hi iv just built up my first greenhouse it is coming into spring but no
    harm in planning ahead it came with the double wall polycarbonate 4mm it’s
    great nice n warm with door closed but just thinking about heating for
    winter i have a humidifier indoors for my tropical trees and want to ask
    how your electric sockets hold out with your foggers? Id feel better asking
    someone who uses a fogger than reading online about it any info would be
    great thanks