Gas Water Heater Winter Springs

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Winter Springs

Dave Mars shows you how to insulate an electric or gas water heater to save energy and money.

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  1. Heather Espana says:

    This was super helpful! Thank you!

  2. sicx648 says:

    excellent video. We have watched several others today and it is by far the
    most informative in terms of the tips to getting more out of it. THANKS !

  3. Faithless Maldito says:

    thank you very nuch

  4. docmurder says:

    my blanket was 3″ thick and really i probably should have gave myself about
    5 more inches than the way he measured it around the overflow pipe. i came
    up short. hope others learn from my mistake

  5. docmurder says:

    also i think i might go ahead and wrap the tank and then cut out around the
    controls after you wrap the tank.

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    This was super helpful. I need to save where I can and I’m going to go and
    purchase an insulation jacket for my hwh right now.

  7. NextLevel says:

    what kind of tape is that?

  8. eyeofhorus70 says:

    I had the same results as docmurder. Don’t use the string to measure around
    the tank, chances are you’ll come up short (like we both did). Wrap the
    blanket around the heater and mark the overlap point.

  9. Alice .Cruz says:

    Very good tutorial. Clear and concise. Thank you, Dave Mars !

  10. The3DSurfer says:

    If you live in an older apt, your water heater is most likely old and
    inefficient. I put a water heater blanket onto my WH. My bill fell from
    $115 to $75. NO JOKE. Also I installed Florescent lights and a 1.5 GPM
    shower heads. So that helped a lot.

  11. sittingonthebeach says:

    nailed it dave!

  12. TexMex says:

    Why cut it shorter? Why not just wrap it around more?

  13. herohunter81 says:

    Did that tape come with it?

  14. NaikJoy Miao says:


  15. adnan tariq says:

    Thank you sir

  16. William Ross says:

    This video was perfect.

  17. Carol Willett says:

    Did the isultation for the top of the water heater come already cut? I
    didn’t see you cut the top piece so that’s why I’m asking. Can a hot water
    heater freeze? I want to insiullate my basement pipes aswell as the
    heater.That video was great Mr. Mars, with this cold weather, I don’t want
    any surprises, I’ll let you know how I did. What kind of tape do I use to
    tape down the insulation? And what’s the name of it?

    Carol Willett

  18. Melissa Kivett says: