Heat Pump Arcadia

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Arcadia

Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd. install heat pump model HHPM35 2 units and heat pump house hold at building 4 – 13 , Resort building 14 – 57 and villas with ever hot by Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited. sold by Khun Mr.Narin Pramongkit
and install by Siam Green Engineer with co-operate All System , Power Line and Engineer Pullman Arcadia team with we are very pround . And now Siam Green Engineer team design control sensor add return pump and heater back up for control and seperate with timer and thermostart run system pump .Thank you ” Energy Master Brand ” Peerapat and Owner team to alternative our Siam Green Engineer to manage and solve some problem and realize how can run heat pump for on time.

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  2. narin pramongkit says:

    Install heat pump HHPM35 co-operate with All System and Power Line by owner
    Pullman Arcadia Phuket to add sensor for control return pump , heat pump
    and back up and make maintenance service valve

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    siam green engineer Pullman Arcadia Phuket

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    Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd.

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    Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd.

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    Heat Pump HHPM35 and All in one heat pump for unit type at PULLMAN ARCADIA

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