Heat Pump Bonifay

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Bonifay

This is a sample of the ,000 Air Conditioner installation done by P&P Heating and Cooling who was recommended as a Rheem Top Contractor by Rheem. Most all of the side wall vents are falling out. On one vent they even went as far as installing a third screw threw the side! As you can see from the video I am loosing a lot of air into the attic.
The contractor promised me that he would come out to look at the work and fix the problems but I am still waiting.

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  1. Nutintoitbut2doit says:

    Dude thats not good.

  2. 6273909 says:

    We are in a small city in a rural area and the city does not inspect
    air-conditioning. We acted as the general contractor on this job. We had
    the state a/c board do an inspection and they cited the installer and told
    him to fix it. We are still waiting on a re-inspection by the state but the
    have two people for the entire state so we have been waiting for months. In
    my opinion they did not fix it properly and it will likely fail the

  3. cameron030362 says:

    Hack install….looks like hammered up shit…I feel for you, friend