Heat Pump Carrabelle

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Carrabelle

This was in the museum at the Walton Mound, in Walton, FL. The Native American’s got it from the Spanish in the 1500’s, who probably got it from the Phoenicians or even earlier cultures. It was used to drill holes, for dentistry and to start fires.


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  1. marty8900 says:

    YER DOIN IT WRONG!!! jk….

  2. jl98584 says:

    OK, the folks at the museum didn’t know how to use it so I just picked it
    up and tried to figure it out the best I could. Why don’t you explain how
    it’s supposed to be used?

  3. OxEyeChai says:

    I want to make one, any Idea what materials I could use, based on your
    experience at Walton?

  4. jl98584 says:

    Hmm, it’s been awhile but I believe this is just made out of wood and a
    leather strap. The example in the museum didn’t have any sort of point, but
    I expect in reality it would have some sort of stone point (like an
    arrowhead?). The wood should probably be something relatively hard. Upright
    piece is just a dowel – the round plate like shape probably serves as a
    flyweight. The cross piece has a hole in the center to fit over the dowel –
    not too loose, not too tight. Good luck

  5. OxEyeChai says:

    Oh thanks, Yeah I pretty much got it, I used Yucca string, instead of
    leather, I found that, slightly rotton Wood, is much easyer to dig holes in
    than green wood. Then I found out that bark was just as easy to work but
    generally stronger so I used Bark for the cross piece, and used rotton wood
    to connect the shaft to my flint drill bit, It works pretty good.

  6. jl98584 says:

    My guess, it probably could be used with one hand? Also, I think they could
    embed arrowheads in the drill tip to make it more effective.

  7. Zambaku says:

    Pure genious. Are there any instructions on how to construct one?

  8. virtualnoodles says:

    pretty cool its as you said used to make fire but i never herd of it being
    used as a drill once you get momentum its really easy to use so long as it
    stays put but very cool

  9. BRANN I says:

    Hi there, great vid. Yep its an amazing bit of kit and you are doing it
    right technique wise, just go a little quicker upand down. You can put
    stone/metal tips in which are very sharp to drill through wood and
    diamond/quartz tips to drill through stone. It also makes friction fire
    lighting much easier.

  10. mark barry says:

    Dang, looks like that thing Sumerians , Egyptians and Toltec’s used to
    drill stone, dig wells and start fire.