Heat Pump Chipley

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Chipley

This small review checks out the CCM T Handle, Ribbed Handle, and Stock pump handle, the CCM Stock Class ‘Cram and Jam’ Feed for the T-2 (and SS-25), and the latest CCM .45 frame for the T-2

17 Responses

  1. TheJulien44 says:

    awesome vid

  2. assassinsrock says:

    im not a huge fan of the “cram and jam” style alot of phantom owners seem
    to like it though so maybe it’ll get popular

  3. Warbeast911 says:

    will the stock class feed alsofit a s6?

  4. tfccmtech says:

    @Warbeast911 – no sir it will not. It will fit anything with Spyder
    Feedneck holes.

  5. Warbeast911 says:

    @tfccmtech yeah, im with stupid vorget that ma s6 has treaded feedneck, me
    sorry drive dat motorcycle ^^

  6. dirtx153 says:

    U wanna trade any of ur pumps for an ans x5 🙂

  7. Dohb0i says:

    @dirtx153 wats ur opinion of the ANS x5?? i was thinkin of getting one

  8. dirtx153 says:

    @dohboiii The ans x5 is an amazing gun especialy with the 90* frame it’s
    really light and mines for sale

  9. ITAFREAPER says:

    been trying to get a hold of ccm does anyone know it they are still selling
    the cram and jam?

  10. jay are says:

    lol”of course for her pleasyre”

  11. Lucas Hoag says:

    hey i wanna buy a ss25 were can i buy one?? like any websights? not
    pbnation or ebay

  12. assassinsrock says:

    @paintballpro749 mcarterbrown

  13. chevyboyz808 says:

    Lol tiny rids for her pleasure haha that’s a good one!

  14. Charlie Irwin says:

    omg , “pimp tooth gold ” your hilarious

  15. wrestlemaniac202 says:

    The stock class feed, would that work if I had that hole pattern machine on
    my sniper?

  16. LEGIONofDOOMpbteam says:

    wat threads r this like can i use my autococker threaded berrols on it??

  17. Matthew Parra says:

    hey tf, i live in your area and i play at txr paintball. do you have any
    ccm s 6s for sale? if so can u please reply, or even an s 6.5. thanks so