Heat Pump Clermont

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Clermont

A full demo and look at our vacation home’s Bryant Heat pump system. Inside and out.

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  1. xctome says:

    awesome vid! the air handler is from 2002 the outdoor unit a Payne
    (Carrier) is from 2009. and the system is a 3.5 ton model. not a great
    install, the indoor unit’s rated SEER is 10 the outdoor unit 12 always when
    replacing the condenser,air handler/furnace,coil to always get a matched
    system! anyways 5/5 and a favorite!

  2. VICNASTY1989 says:

    @xctome Thanks, I thought you A/C fans would appreciate that. I my opinion
    I think our A/C back in Jersey cools faster and gets colder than this thing
    does (maybe because its different technology?). There are even warnings
    above the thermostat that say “if you set temp below 72 degrees the system
    will freeze up” (or something like that). Another cool thing about this
    system is there is no emergency heating on it (I don’t even think it has
    heat) LOL!

  3. xctome says:

    @VICNASTY1989 wow below 72 it will freeze up? wow. LOL

  4. Vinylrecordsneverdie says:

    I can see the line set runs through the cement. I’ve seen that too in
    houses in neighbors around here.

  5. VICNASTY1989 says:

    @Vinylrecordsneverdie Sounds like you have some quality construction, our
    Goodman/Rheem System just runs through the vinyl siding, and through the
    attic on the inside.

  6. compdude957 says:

    LOL! It’s funny how the sign above the t-stat says “do not set below 72,
    system will break”. If it breaks down when set under 72, then that system
    has a serious problem! Anyways awesome video!

  7. Alexander Michalak says:

    Payne and Bryant are the same thing. Carrier makes both of them. The
    outdoor unit is actually 13 SEER. The air handler has a bad install,
    because this is a 3.5-Ton system, the plenum is to small. Plus, the
    condensate drain “T” pipe is installed good, but the straight pipe is too
    low. There will be to much static pressure. The air handler actually is a
    12 SEER, with auxiliary back-up heat. Great video!

  8. VICNASTY1989 says:

    @amichalak10 You can really tell this wasn’t installed right, this system
    takes forever to cool down- which can’t be very energy efficient. Plus the
    entire thing rattles and sounds like a lawn mower for some reason (could be
    because the condensor got struck by lightning in 2009?) I don’t remember it
    sounding like that before.

  9. VICNASTY1989 says:

    @compdude957 Well it makes sense with what people are saying about the bad
    install. Supposedly its frozen up a few times already. Made in Mexico= that
    explains it- LOL!

  10. VICNASTY1989 says:

    @HVACKID94 I’ve heard that, plus we never had any problems with our old
    1989 Carrier TECH2000 A/C system, that’s probably still running great.