Heat Pump Grant-Valkaria

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Grant-Valkaria

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We have grown Tomatoes and Chillies in Suspended Pot Deep Water Hydroponics… now we are experimenting with Water Melons too!

This is the update after 3 weeks…

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  1. Daniel Jenkins says:

    Nice setup what fish are you using in the system i’m playing around with a
    small system at home but would like to get a fish i could eat but not sure
    what would be best in the UK.
    and please post an update would like to see how its going with the melons 

  2. matthewmuellner says:

    Interesting videos. First time I have seen someone plant a watermelon this
    way . Usually the media isnt dirt, but I suppose there is no harm right if
    there is no pumping. Did you aerate the water? And how did you support
    the actual watermelon growing it upwards? I am working on finishing
    setting up a greenhouse now, so I can spend the winter setting up
    aquaponics – so gobbling up as much information as I can to maintain
    enthusiasm. Thanks for the vids, enjoyed the lot of them. You’re an

  3. Tom Brueggen says:

    Nice, I just subbed. I was also caught by the melon effort. Interesting.
    Not to be redundant, but do you have pollinators? I had melons in the past,
    bloomed like crazy but no fruit. Now I’m such an avid beekeeper I don’t
    have time to plant melons, haha!
    You may know, with melons you can clearly tell the difference between male
    and female flowers, as the females have a small fruit under them. It would
    be interesting to take a count of how many males/females you have to see
    just how poor the pollination really is. If you have time, you can always
    pluck a male flower, peel back the petals and rub it in the female flower
    for pollination. But I prefer to let honeybees do it 🙂
    Good stuff, keep it coming! 

  4. Daniel Bos says:

    That is some massive root growth!

  5. complyvoluntarily says:

    Do the nutes need to be amended at all?

  6. marshall reagan says:

    I am glad you made this video as I am planning to try watermelons in the
    hydroponics this spring ,but mine will be open so I don,t have to worry
    about pollination . keep the videos coming as your season progresses.

  7. powerofrah says:

    do you add fertilizer / plant food to the water?

  8. CaliforniaCheez says:

    Is there a video showing the fully mature watermelons hanging from the vine?
    Did not think that through and plan ahead?

  9. Vic sool says:

    Your deep water systems how fare or how much do u fill it up whith water up
    to roots above roots pleezz let me no asap thank my name is Vic good job

  10. Mr Richards says:

    Are you aerating the water?
    Will the water not go stale without movement?
    Also nutrients?

    The roots look really healthy, I’m confused.

  11. Matt Garver says:

    Just subscribed to the Chilli Farm. Really interesting hydroponic melon
    growing in 32-gallon trash cans.