Heat Pump Haines City

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Heat Pump Haines City

http://fhsheatingandcooling.com FHS Heating & Cooling is here to service areas covering Central Florida such as Clermont, Davenport, Winterhaven, Minneola, Haines City, Lakeland, Kissimmee & Orlando Florida.

I wanted to share with you some of the things we do as far as doing business, and servicing our customers.
My service calls consists of going to customers homes, and business
evaluating their systems – finding out whats wrong, and giving them the best diagnosis possible, and advise to suit their needs.

FHS Heating & Cooling checks both inside, and outside units for problems and even maintenance. Some of the things, that we check are:
Compressor amps & operation – condenser fan motor amps & operation – leaks in condenser coil – freon levels – capacitor – broken, damaged and loose wiring – worn out, & pitted contactors – inside we check for dirty evaporator coils – dirty fan motor cage – bad 24 volt step down transformers fan motor amps – bad circuit boards- leaks, and proper air flow.

I also install U V lights that are designed to eliminate many of the airborn pollens in the air on contact such as mold, flu and many other viruses, that make our customers sick. We offer a in home system analysis to help you determine what system is right for you, In addition we offer many energy saving tips, and Ideas that can be very helpful in bring down the cost of your energy bill such as thermal window treatments designed to reduce the sun’s UV rays from entering your home in the heat of the summer, and causing your home to heat up when you’re trying to keep it cool – attic fans, to reduce the pressure in your attic, which causes your system to work harder, and longer, which also drive up your energy bill – a return system in each room to help circulate the air flow evenly in your home, if your home doesn’t have one – and an E Z save system to help bring down the cost of your energy bill by 8% to 20 % each month. Along with package units for your mobile homes too.

We also offer system service cleanings as well. There are maintenance service contracts that FHS will offer to our clients that consists of me coming out quarterly – bi-yearly, and even yearly to check and maintain your system properly, so you can get the most out of it.

For more information contact

FHS Heating & Cooling
[email protected]
Phone: 863-852-6198
Website: http://fhsheatingandcooling.com

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