Heat Pump Havana

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Heat Pump Havana

The single version of ‘Your Man in Havana’ by Doctor Mirabilis, from the forthcoming album ‘A Matter of Mind’, released 3/8/11 on Laredo Records.

Available to download at http://doctormirabilis.bandcamp.com/

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Well I’m writing this to you
From the Hotel Nacional
Where the aficianados dwell
On the Santiiago hue
Yes the Ron it ages well
But the Son is just for show
Where tobacco farmers sew
There’s another tale to sell
Well the pace of change is slow
Since the days of rebel yells
In a nation dressed up well
Without a vale in which to flow
But I’ve got a till to tell
And I’ve got a plot to hoe
And an awful lot to know
Before I weave that spell

Up in Havana
Down by the water
Your man is on the trail
Of Hasselbacher’s daughter
The star attraction
Has a silencer on his trumpet
He’s got a sure-fire action
I’m afraid he’s gona pump it

In the Spanish squares of yore
I’ve watched unlikely couples meet
And the flames of foreign fleets
Flash toward the fore
Of the Floridita bar
In the old town’s narrow streets
Where the ghosts and shadows meet
To the bay at Cojimar
The mojito’s molten sleet
The Cohiba’s perfumed tar
And the musk of deep cigars
Lingers in your sheets
But I’m off the scent so far
And I’m melting in the heat
When they find your weakest beat
They’ll cut you at the scar

Up in Havana
Down by the water
Your man hidden by a veil
Has lost the ring he’d bought her
The only promise
I ever did abandon
Haunts me in wicked ways
I could never have imagined

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  1. Eoghan Hunt says:

    Great stuff boys. Deadly handsome!

  2. gussyjobdone says:

    tune man

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  4. Robispa78 says:

    Да норм песенка ! )

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