Heat Pump Haverhill

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Haverhill

http://www.completeheating.ca This HD video shows a 17 SEER Samsung 2 ton ductless heat pump that we installed 3 years earlier. You can see and hear it running at peak capacity in below freezing temperatures. This is still one of the quietest units available.

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  1. Ca l says:

    mini split ductless A/C are the best so freaking easy to install

  2. Charles Gage says:

    I have a place up in Maine and I gather you are from Canada (based upon
    your mention of Centigrade and your accent!). Have you found the heat pump
    in cold climates to be sufficient to heat the house? Also, what about the
    cost of operation? Of course, in Canada, electricity is cheap but we pay
    $0.15/kWh which is very high. I need something to replace oil which is
    about $3,000 per season! Thanks for any tips/advice!