Heat Pump Longboat Key

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Longboat Key

Replacing the shower sump pump in a cruiser style boat

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  1. Farrelley says:

    Love watching your vids Jay, thanks for making them. Lovely looking boat
    you have there 🙂

  2. Velvethamma says:

    Thumbs up

  3. Gene Anthes says:

    I really appreciate your videos. I have an old trawler that needs a lot of
    maintenance. Can you tell me the name of that box thing. My shower just
    drains into my bilge to be pumped out by my sump pump. Having a separate
    box looks like definitely the way to go. Thanks again for you videos.

  4. Ryan Meador says:

    Enjoyed your videos, really looking forward to the cruiser upgrades, etc.

  5. vettepicking says:

    i would really do waterproof heatshrink wire crimps for “any under the
    deck” wiring. its cheap insurance for the future flooded shower floor

  6. wchoong says:

    welcome back!!

  7. M. Meints says:

    One thing you may want to look at is moving the float switch 180 degrees.
    there is a weep hole that will fill with water and cause the float to fail.
    Especially when the boat is moving. (I have had 2 fail until I found that
    out. )

  8. M. Meints says:

    make sure the float is facing aft and the pivot point faces forward,
    Otherwise failure is possible.

  9. Sonny Smith says:

    And I thought the shower went into black water tank. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Phillip Addenbrooke says:

    hi Jarrett, nothing to do with this post I have no idea how to send a
    question, posting it here new user LOL I have an older fiberglass boat not
    wood stringers, stringers are hollow glass not foam filled my problem is
    the floor itself is the usual ply with glass one side and seems to have dry
    rot floor is very soft in spots and seems to have been replaced by a idiot
    cut out centre replaced leaving old timber up both sides do you have
    experience with this stringer can I remove and glue down new

  11. Jay Fish says:

    Hello Jarrett { don’t know how to contact you but just wanted to know if
    you have any polaris pwc parts like a crankshaft for a 700 virage (
    [email protected]

  12. daniel5620 says:


  13. Maxumized says:

    Great videos. I’ve experienced the same problems with my boat. These pumps
    just go bad when the residual water in the sump just seeps in the motor and
    causes internal rusting. Hey, Let’s get that boat ready for a cruise to
    Bimini one day.

  14. chadrbarker says:

    this helped me out today! thank you!