Heat Pump Malabar

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Malabar

A quick garden update. Summer heat is here already, mid 90’s F the last couple weeks and no rain.

Everything looks good but ive had a few bug problems (Aphids on the tomatoes). I spray them off with the garden hose and ive also tried pump spraying a solution of 1 tblsp dishsoap in a gallon of water, then rinse it off about an hour later with plain water. It seems to work ok but they come back eventually.

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11 Responses

  1. flyguy1725 . says:

    You have a awesome garden and that was a good update. Kepp them coming.
    Feel free to check my garden out..I just did a update today..I look forward
    to seeing more of yours!

  2. Teddybear500 says:

    looks good

  3. BubbleBeet says:

    @sugerbear520 Thankyou very much 🙂

  4. BubbleBeet says:

    @jwlrymkr thankyou, yeah its like mother nature flipped a switch and said
    haha your spring is over time for the heatwave.

  5. BubbleBeet says:

    @flyguy1725 thanks for the nice comments, i like your garden updates as
    well. your broccoli and cabbage look especially nice right now.

  6. dulce3tat says:

    afids? Ive seen those before on my roses! How would you get rid of them if
    they become a problem?

  7. BubbleBeet says:

    @dulce3tat so far hosing them down with plain water from the hose seems to
    do ok. Ive also tried a little regular dishsoap mixed in water and spray it
    on the plants then wash it off an hour later. That is supposed to dry them
    out. If they get worse i’ll mix some Neem Oil in water and spray on. Neem
    oil is a natural sticky stuff that stops the bugs. Ladybugs are also good
    for stopping aphids. I definately dont want to spray insecticides, I dont
    mind losing a few plants if it gets bad.

  8. bigfatcahoonas says:

    Hi we have a lot of umbel type plants growing all around our garden that
    attract a lot of hover flies and we don’t seem to get a lot of aphids, well
    not for long anyway. Don’t know if you get a hover fly like ours in the UK
    but it lays it’s larvae on the aphids and they eat thousands of aphids when
    they hatch. The place I gardened before didn’t have hardly any umbels and
    my blackcurrant were smothered every day, I used to spray with soap
    everyday to no avail.

  9. BubbleBeet says:

    @bigfatcahoonas thanks for the tip. i just googled hoverfly and yes ive
    seen a few around here, ive always thought they were little bees but now i
    know their proper name. Hopefully they will find the aphid buffet in the
    garden and help me out. 😀

  10. dulce3tat says:

    @BubbleBeet Awsome I will keep that in mind if I have the same problem

  11. field16 says:

    What a treat to visit your garden. Great close-up of a bee doing its work
    on that huge, yellow squash flower. They do the same thing here in