Heat Pump Marathon

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Marathon

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AirGenerate AirTap Hybrid ATI66 Review. There a quite a few Heat Pump Water Heaters on the market today including the GE GeoSpring, Rheem Voltex, AO Smith PHPT-80, and the Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300. See why I think the AirTap ATI66 is the best model for the hot/humid Southern US. -Matt Risinger
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  1. LukeSkaff.com says:

    Why would you use this over a high efficiently natural gas unit like the AO
    Smith Vortex which is up to 96% efficient and costs less to run a year? I
    thought those heat pump water heaters are really intended for locations
    that do not have access to natural gas

  2. Matt Risinger says:

    Yes, this is really intended for homes without Natural Gas service.
    Although if you bring this unit into the conditioned envelope of the house
    you could make a good argument for a Heat Pump water heater vs an AO Smith
    Vertex depending on the household demand for hot water. Vertex is hard to
    beat if you have a large demand for hot water. A smaller house with 3 or
    less people could easily work with a 66 or 80 gallon AirGenerate Heat Pump
    Water Heater. Especially if you were using Solar Panels

  3. TxHome Builder says:

    Matt, I put the AO Smith Vertex in my recent build in Central Texas. Happy
    with it so far. We have one area (the kitchen island) that takes a long
    time to get hot water to. I’ve searched for recirc pumps, but I can’t find
    anything that helps get hot water to just one spot. Do you know of anything
    like that? I think I recall seeing a video you did on this topic.

  4. Matt Risinger says:

    The Metlund D’Mand pump is what I use often. Goto my channel to search for
    that video. It can circulate water to one remote fixture and can be easily
    retrofitted. Best, Matt

  5. CharlieWayne2012 says:

    How about an update review on this product? Have u run into any issues with
    performance since its install? Have u found its ability to produce 3/4 ton
    of ac is accurate? Were in Florida and am considering such a system.

  6. Matt Risinger says:

    So far it’s been 100% reliable. No issues to date. It definitely produces
    quite a bit of cold air, hard to say if it’s truly a 9000 BTU output. The
    ability to duct in/out of this unit is a huge plus for the ATI vs the
    competition. My only advice would be to get the largest tank size you can
    afford and/or might need. It’s best to run this in heat pump only mode and
    not rely on resistance heating so the larger the tank the better if you
    have lots of hot water demand. Best, Matt Risinger

  7. Craig Martin says:

    Given that I have a gas line already coming into myNew England home and a
    very old electric water heater in my basement- would it be better to go
    with some something like an ATI66 to recieve the benefits of the
    dehumidifying component (because i’m currently running a dehumidifier
    pretty much constantly) or go with something similar to a Vertex 100 to get
    the benefits of the gas fired system?

  8. Matt Risinger says:

    Given your location in New England, the cooling effect of the ATI66 would
    probably not be a benefit. I would do the Vertex gas WH and use a plug in
    Kenmore dehumidifier in your basement set with a 55% RH Dehumidistat.
    What’s your hot water needs? Is the Vertex doing any space heating too? If
    not, you could probably goto a smaller unit depending on your water usage.
    Best, Matt

  9. LJ Bruce says:

    I live south of Houston. We don’t have natural gas. We are building a new
    house. Would it make sense to install a heat pump water heater in a
    non-vented conditioned attic? Wouldn’t it remove moisture?

  10. Matt Risinger says:

    That location is perfect, except put in a good emergency pan! Yes it will
    remove some moisture, but mainly it’s going to provide cooling. If your
    attic has enough volume it can just dump the cool air into the attic. If
    you volume is limited you might consider installing a transfer grill to
    bring that cool air into the house. A simple test would be to see if the
    attic is getting cooler than the house below. If so, you want the grill.
    Otherwise the HPWH won’t run efficiently. Best, Matt

  11. xz86 says:

    have you ever install one of these hybrid water heater for comercial use?
    We have a small restaurant that uses about 150gal to 200 gal of hot water
    per day. one main consider is recover rate. how fast can these unit


  12. Ed Dane says:

    How loud is this unit? I mean it is 10K btu compressor. Inside the house in
    a closet how loud is that? I want to install in a closet but I’m concerned
    about the noise level.

  13. Eric Jacobs says:

    Thanks for the review Matt, I was bouncing back and forth between a Heat
    Pump water heater and an on demand water heater. I live in Las Vegas and my
    water heater is in the garage. After your review I will probably pass on
    the heat pump water heater, since I have no where inside to place it.
    Figure the extra cost of trying to fit it in the house somewhere will
    offset any saving in the long run. Thanks again for the review.

  14. oisiaa says:

    Why not put the unit in the hot garage and then duct the cooled air into
    the house? In a hot climate like Texas where a garage could be 110-120
    degrees (nearly the desired water temp to begin with) a unit like this
    could be extraordinarily efficient. By putting it in the house that is
    already air conditioned, the compressor duty cycle will be much higher due
    to the much lower heat resource available in the air. I believe most of
    these units are actually hybrids where they include regular resistance
    heaters which would be used in the winter when the garage is too cold for
    the heat pump to be efficient. 

  15. oisiaa says:

    I run a propane water heater in my garage and use about a quarter gallon of
    propane per week during the summer because the garage air temperature is
    equal to the desired water temperature of 120 degrees. The propane burner
    only kicks in when there is actual demand since the ambient temperature
    keeps it warm all day with no energy input. 

  16. M Morrison says:

    Hey Matt or anyone else with knowledge of this hot water heater. I have the
    ATI66 in my garage. I live on west side of Washington State. The
    temperature in winter during the day is in the 40’s. At night it gets in
    the 30’s on average and sometimes colder but not often. The hot water
    heater pumps the air back into the garage when heat pumps is working. I do
    not see myself being able to move it into the house so I am stuck with the
    garage. In summer here it averages high 60’s to low 70’s with garage in
    the 50’s. Should I try to duct this to the outside of the garage to keep it
    warmer in the garage or does that matter? In summer it might be nice to
    duct it into the kitchen to cool it off but in winter when we need heat it
    seems like it would be inefficient. I was wondering what you think? How
    long does it take to heat up the water? I was trying to speed it up by
    changing it to heater mode but I am wondering if my heater is not working
    correctly because I do not get the primary electric element active
    indicator to come on at all. Could this be because by elements are not
    working correctly. It works fine in economy mode which I know runs the heat
    pump but I have some family living with me for awhile and I am trying to
    get it to heat up faster but it seems like the heater elements are not
    making any difference or there not working or they were not hooked up
    correctly. I have had it for a year and have not had any problem but I
    admit we pretty much have had it in economy mode the whole time until now.
    I would appreciate any advice. Mike