Heat Pump Mascotte

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Mascotte

John Wall soared over his mascot, and the East stomped on the West in the slam dunk contest.

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  1. TheAssociationLiveHD says:
  2. chiladin says:

    Probably the second best dunk in the slam dunk contest I’ve seen. That’s
    nuts! Def top 5 of all-time. The NBA is going to have to switch back to the
    regular slam dunk format cus’ this year was DUMB A$$ HELL! Why didn’t they
    have a dunk off between the East candidates? Whoever came up with this idea
    never needs to have a marketing idea green lighted again! SMDH! 

  3. Shaq Simms says:

    Thank you john wall for saving the night

  4. Vanessa Angelli says:

    Slam Dunker of the night 🙂
    Hooray for John Wall :)

  5. Mark Brown says:

    That dance afterwards was epic

  6. Lotus Hulkenberg says:

    The only time the crowd showed any excitement last night. John Wall was a
    10, the rest of the competition(s) a 0.

  7. Aaryan Punjuwani says:

    That is just amazing in one TRY!!!!

  8. Prisca Blamon says:

    John wall hit the nae nae

  9. Randy Bailin says:

    One Take. Jumps over G-Man. Takes the ball down w/ arms fully extended.
    Back up on the reverse and sells it w/ the epic dance. 10.0

  10. TheSportsman131 says:

    I think it’s widely agreed that there needed to be a third round. But with
    this dunk, what made it so great is that he did it on his first try. There
    were other dunks that could have been awesome like this, but the reason
    they weren’t is because it took multiple attempts to do them.


    nae nae

  12. Justin L. Porter says:

    nice dunk, but Lebron does this in games… 

  13. iamblessed moor says:

    Lebron can do that while tweeting at the same time smh

  14. Joacquin Gonzalez says:

    It was simply a wonderful dunk because he jumped off the vertical and
    double pumped it. Yall need to stop hating and get off Lebron’s line
    because he didn’t do the dunk. Respect John Wall and his skills..

  15. jlee222ballin says:

    That dunk was only nice because all the other dunks sucked. It’s like a
    psychological game. We need some incentive for superstars to join the dunk
    competition and make it competitive. 

  16. Debora Alleyne says:

    After Dr. J and Michael Jordan, Vince Carter in 2000 is still the best

  17. Harrison Frase says:

    Hit that nae nae

  18. Anoying Troll says:

    SMFH, Drakes comes out of nowhere -_-

  19. Kylan Taylor says:
  20. Huey Freeman says:

    Lmfao where did the mascot come from

  21. Chris Potts says:

    To good for lebron

  22. TheAssociationLiveHD says:

    Kobe Bryant’s 31 points vs. LeBron James’ 37 points highlights: Lakers vs.
    Cavaliers (1.21.10)

  23. Rodney O,wilson says:

    Descent, nothing special not hating. ….

  24. Ugonna Chikere says:

    That dance though

  25. Jerome Kaino says:

    Is dat drake? Lol ugly ass mofo