Heat Pump Miami Gardens

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Heat Pump Miami Gardens

Portable Spa Lay-Z-Spa MIAMI

Allow yourself the luxury of an own whirlpool with massage and heating! The Lay-Z-Spa MIAMI is portable. You can easily install the pool in your garden, on your balcony or in the basement. Why not take it with you on holidays, when you visit friends or to your holiday or weekend house? Installing the Lay-Z-Spa MIAMI takes only few minutes.

Do you attach value to health and lifestyle and fun while taking a bath with your family? A daily bath in our whirlpool has a positive influence on your immune system, your circulation and your metabolism. The flow of the blood improves, body tensions ease and it even helps against rheumatism and arthrosis.

Comes without power plug – country specific powerplug needs to be mounted by client.

Orders realized in Switzerland and United Kingdom do not include the plug. Country specific power plug needs to be mounted by client. A licensed electrician should be contacted in order to have specific power plugs mounted.