Heat Pump Minneola

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Minneola

Wow what a job that was.

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  1. DrZarkloff says:

    It’s amazing how Gibson looks exactly like Grand Aire.

  2. MagicPatrick1 says:

    Very remarkable eye Dr.Z! Infact, it’s quite possible they are indeed the
    exact same units. Gibson is a Nordyne product. It’s predecessor in this
    area was also known as Intertherm. The Kalvinator and Gibson lines were
    added in 1999. Nordyne produces a number of models under different brand
    names. There is also Tappan and even Maytag got added just a few years ago.
    (See my gestural pose in ‘HydroKinetix Part 2’ when cutting)

  3. MagicPatrick1 says:

    Virtually all the parts used in the Nordyne equipment, under any brand
    name, are fully interchangable. That’s why we’ve used that as our main
    brand for nearly 12 years now. We stock almost every part. And not only
    that, our shop has 100% complete Blower housings to just slide in our out
    when need be. Gibson now offers a full 10 year parts warranty. We order the
    replacement motor, then change it at our leisure. We strive to never leave
    a Gibson customer without heat!

  4. DrZarkloff says:

    I asked about this today at Baker Distributing. They are a Grand Aire
    dealer. They told me that Nordyne makes Grand Aire and Gibson.

  5. MagicPatrick1 says:

    There’s also frigidaire, and Philco.

  6. tstatech says:

    @MagicPatrick1 Westinghouse and Maytag as well.

  7. amberlynn6914 says:

    grandaire is now made by carrier/I.C.P