Heat Pump Moore Haven

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Moore Haven

Things are gonna get hot this summer.

Alt is the answer at http://www.michaelmoore.com/

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  1. Paul Leary says:

    Please, Michael Moore – help us. At this point you may be the only one who
    can motivate the country to do something!

  2. Trish Ono says:

    Americans need to wake up. They, the Fed Reserve and our gov’t are
    devaluing our dollar. It takes more dollars to buy goods and services when
    they do this. How are they devaluing? Fed debt and bailing out the banks by
    pumping liquidity into the system. Please do research and LEARN. It’s not
    going to get better. Guilded age is back.


    Mr. Moore has already elaborated on this whole issue of the gas/oil
    debate/scam. The problem is deeper. It resides in the fact that we as
    American’s aren’t doing anything about it! Are we too fat and lazy to
    fight? Are we too busy on the computer and internet? People are addicted to
    too many things thus ignoring and thrusting their lives into the dirty
    playpens of corporate swine. No complaints or boycotts to those in power
    means they think we don’t give a damn. Wake up…wake up….wake up

  4. johnny718bravo says:

    I want an electric car. Screw the corrupt oil fat cats! They made Billions
    last year and they’re jacking up the prices? I hope they all choke on it!

  5. HomoGeneyes says:


  6. takomaguy says:

    Want somebody to blame. Go curse out hedge fund managers. The democrats
    really need to get out ahead of this one. What was gas when Bush hit
    office? Less than $20 a barrel? Cheney held a meeting to chart out the
    country’s oil policy. Is this the best they could do?

  7. Not Your Concern says:

    Peak Oil

  8. 3Dsmoke says:

    She said 1% goes to the shop.

  9. Daniel Sadicario says:

    yes, but what about the oil companies. They’re not making any profit?

  10. 3Dsmoke says:

    They own the land and employ people to dig it out – the actual oil is free
    to them (minus expenses).

  11. yervan007 says:

    money goes to bush

  12. JamesBond0034 says:

    lucky people, oil is really cheap in the US 😉

  13. chrishibbert20 says:

    Sounds approx right, I was talking to a gas station manager in Australia
    and he told me they make only a few cents per liter that basically covers
    running the station, they make most of their cash on the good shop/food
    stuff, magazines etc they sell, yu gotta get gas so when your there you are
    allways tempted to buy,plus they are often open all night. And they charge
    much higher prices than supermarkets ofcourse.

  14. chrishibbert20 says:

    In Australia the tax is almost half the cost of the gas, and we pay approx
    double what the USA pays per liter, currently around $1.50us per liter for
    98 octane, much more in country areas.

  15. chrishibbert20 says:

    Minus expenses? they are huge expenss don’t forget, a lot of oil is now
    drilled in deep water below the diver depth max. A deep water drill rig
    cost around $200,000-$300,000us per day to rent, support vesssels cost
    around $50,000-$150,000us a day, not including crews wages and fuel. Wages
    $1,000us-$2,000us/day with approx 60 to 100 people on a deep water rig and
    approx 30-50 people on each ship, I have never seen only one ship support a
    rig, crew changes, food, spares made of titanium? pipelines

  16. chrishibbert20 says:

    Hahaha $50 to fill her tank poor baby! In Australia my 80 liter tank cost’s
    $110u.s. to fill. You americans get cheap gas and still complain!

  17. newmac says:

    just a coincidence that bush and the gop are in power… funny how these
    coincidences just “happen”….

  18. gungagin says:

    That girl makes what, 7 bucks an hour? What kind of idiot would blame

  19. Rustedblade says:

    I just payed 1.75 a litre for 98 octane on Wednesday, this shit is getting
    out of hand!

  20. MishuTaste says:

    What a bunch of ignorant ***holes. If you don’t like the price of gas, stop
    buying Hummers and F-150s. That girl behind the counter probably makes $40
    to $50 a day. She’s not making huge profits. Why don’t you guys call up the
    royal family in Saudi Arabia and bitch at them?!!!

  21. Enjacku says:

    I work at a gas station and make 7 dollars an hour. People come in and
    bitch and me… and i just tell them sarcastically, “I’m keeping it all…
    yep… look at me… i’m getting so rich.” They usually look at me like i’m
    crazy and just leave… cause they’re fucking idiots anyway.

  22. nuno1959 says:

    hope oil goes up a lot like five X the present price – that would warrant
    the budgets to free mankind from the self- serving interests of oil
    producing countries & oil companies , who’ve been dictating what the world
    must do 4 the last century while at the same time enabling horrible ,
    poisonous pollution….solar/ wind/tidal = unlimited energy, if only heavy
    investments had been done years ago , we would already have it by now ,
    then leave it to demand to get the prices down & performances up

  23. MystikWizard says:

    That really is an invalid argument, unless you look at all the other
    economic differences between us and you guys. How much is your mortgage or
    rent for your apartment? What is the Median salary of the average
    Australian? How much do you pay for food? In general, how does your cost of
    living relate to the United States, because I have to tell you, this is a
    real struggle at the moment for us, middle income and low income Americans.

  24. PianoKeyz says:

    I hate stupid people.

  25. Hobomedic says:

    No point, hydrogen is harder to collect and more expensive to do so than
    gas… making the fuel itself more expensive than gas is and will be. We
    need to develop electric powered vehicles etc, instead of shutting them
    down like americans did with the ev1…