Heat Pump Neptune Beach

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Neptune Beach

Sandy blew on by Jax but left some big waves for surfers to play in.

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  1. TommyP21 says:

    he shouldn’t have snaked them but it wasnt that big a deal because its not
    bombing or really big. chill brah

  2. Aj Buchanan says:

    3:20 that guy looked pissed!

  3. aerwsrf says:

    dude id be more pissed about the guy paddling under you on your left side.
    As for the kid going left, you need to communicate which way your going
    before hand so the peak can get split, simple as that.

  4. josh motes says:

    all yall talking shit cant surf for shit im in this video at 53 seconds by
    far not my best but i put money none of yall surf even almost close to that
    if u fucking people are goin to come to the pier especially on a big ass
    yellow longboard be prepared to get dropped in on dont get online and start
    bitchen like a bunch of girls come to the pier your damn self and see whats
    up other wise stop this internet thuggin all of yall are pussys

  5. codyg20121 says:

    im a local there, that sounds about right, it really doesn’t get over 5 ft.

  6. clarkewi says:

    Those Florida boys surf alright.

  7. sub scorcher says:

    Man south florida really got the best of this swell

  8. John Mitchell says:

    Jacksonville is actuley North Florida. But yes we did get a the best of
    this swell!

  9. skooli2 says:

    Yeah, not sure why the logger gave it up.

  10. Anthony Battistella says:

    unflattering styles

  11. jrizz17100 says:

    what a kook dropping in on the first wave

  12. uakoo says:

    hahaha everybody droppin in on the longboard guy, only thing is he surfs
    the best in this video lol awesome

  13. Jack Rosa says:

    Such a sick video 

  14. Sam Cioffi says:

    guy on the first wave was a kook

  15. Cade McCann says:


  16. allstartumbler123 says:

    i surf at the pier all the time and never seen the waves this good

  17. bokeflo says:

    Looks Like a Great Day for Surfing.

  18. parraphrase says:

    when watching this video one gets the feeling that these fellows need to be
    informed that surfing just isn’t for them. there’s nothing wrong with lawn
    bowling gentlemen. nothing at all.

  19. DiscipleZach says:

    Never new surfers could be such ass wipes

  20. DiscipleZach says:


  21. cassidy oneal says:

    Ay the guy on the first wave dropped in

  22. NorthOCkook says:

    That first guy is the epitome of a snake

  23. Martha Cantillo says:

    WOW nice 

  24. Seal Surfer says:

    People weren’t doing shit that day.. I see them doing aerials a lot now

  25. Steven Jacobsen says:

    dis video sucks dick and balls all the surfers r kooks they have zero style
    and my grandma rips harder and whoever is surfing in dis video should stop
    surfing or kill themselves to save us the viewers the agonizing pain of
    watching such donkey doo doo is warranting an apology please destroy dis
    shitty video and move on to more important things in life like sucking fat
    cock fucking butthole and fuck you Josh Motes I would rip circles around
    you suck my Caucasian anaconda!