Heat Pump Parker

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Parker

How to fit a central heating pump.The real thing !! not some easy work bench change over job, but a real life situation.The location where you normally find central heating pumps in England, stuck under a small cupboard in a back breaking position.
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25 Responses

  1. amutimer100 says:

    Super video! The thing I love about this is that you let us see you
    struggle. The amateur always thinks he is doing something wrong if he has
    to struggle – but actually that’s plumbing; bloody stupid arrangements of
    pipework, shut-off valves that fail the very first time the are needed, no
    firggin’ space to work in *at all* and when you think you’ve finally got it
    all done – you get a leak.

  2. woodbine66 says:

    No need to drain down. Get your bungs out. You only need to drain down when
    you’re on an hourly rate. Not your own job. LOL Seriously, great vid. Many
    thanks and more please.

  3. 10110majestic says:

    Im a qualified Electrician; some of you may find this info useful. Always
    Isolate the circuit at the consumer unit, If you dont know which switch it
    is then TURN IT ALL OFF and make sure no one has access to the consumer
    unit while your working. NEXT Test the testing meter or electric
    screwdriver on a KNOWN source of power to check it works, then test the
    pump, then test the meter or screwdriver on a KNOWN source. This ensures
    the meter or electric bulb in the screwdriver Hasnt FAILED.

  4. dereton33 says:

    Good advise i just asumed before starting work on changing the pump that
    the power supply would be isolated which is what i do before touching any
    electrical device.( i should have said that in the video.)

  5. 10110majestic says:

    In an ideal world you would buy the ‘LOCK OFF’ devices and switch the
    circuit off and lock it off, put the key in your pockey or code and then
    test. My advice to anyone would be to never assume someone has done
    something properly and insist you have a look and check yourself. TRUST NO

  6. dereton33 says:

    No probs , pleased you managed it ok. kind regards, al.

  7. benny bennys says:

    Can you do a video on rubber bungs and where and when you use them cheers.

  8. dereton33 says:

    Are you referring to soil pipe bungs for pressure testing or leak and pipe
    stopper bungs? (Or all) Regards al.

  9. kbultray says:

    Interesting video Dereton33, just one thing. Shouldn’t the pump be mounted
    with shaft horizontal ?

  10. dereton33 says:

    Normally I would say yes , but I needed access to the air screw, plus there
    is a piece of wood preventing full horizontal mounting . Kind regards, al.

  11. Dave L says:

    Thank you

  12. danny100ization says:

    thankyou your a. life saver,,,,

  13. malachy1847 says:

    Please dress / grind around the top of that chisel…. metal shards can
    fly into your eye…. when you least expect 

  14. Anthony Jones says:

    Looks like i have the same symptoms with the boiler cutting on and off, so
    thinking changing my pump. Currently have a Grundfos UPS 20-50×18. must
    be about 10 years old.

    Can you please Recommend a pump to replace it. My System has 9 radiators
    if that helps.

  15. Anthony Jones says:

    I have installed the Grundfos Alpha2. Works a treat.

    I just put a dab of WD40 on the old fittings the night before. They
    loosened off easily with my Stilsons.

    So thanks once again for your Videos and advise.


  16. stezmond hinton says:

    hi mr d I have a ferroli Modena combi the pump is burnt out ,, I
    bought a grundfoss 15/50 selectric ,,, the instructions advise me to use
    the suppressor lead that came with the new pump the old grunfos pump
    had a push fit conection can I use block conectors and insulation tape
    ? many thanks

  17. Tallyallyloolah says:

    Great vid, thanks for making it ! Very useful.

  18. Andy Slaney says:

    Great Video – Very helpful. Thankyou. Can i ask one thing??..should the
    pump be running 24/7 when the heating and hot water is off? …and has been
    off for hours?…my pump never switches off unless i turn it off at the
    power switch. 

  19. Tim Pedersen says:

    Thanks ;-)

  20. Matt Ryder says:

    Thanks for the video, can I ask,… do you need to be a fully qualified
    Electrician to do the wiring or have a certain qualification? I’m just
    asking as I don’t want to touch something that I shouldn’t. My central
    heating is working upstairs but not downstairs and the pump doesn’t seem to
    be working so thought I might be electrical??

  21. Martin Napotnik says:

    I’m sorry to be rude…but the pump motor should not be pointing upward. If
    you would read the instalation manual, you would see that this kind of
    mounting is not recommended. Pockets of gas can form, which means there
    could be possible damages to the upper bearing due to lack of lubrication.

  22. dereton33 says:

    I am well aware that the pump is pointing upwards, it had been fitted that
    way for the last 15 years, the pump could not be fitted any other way in
    that space without cutting the cupboard base, The pump had not worn out, it
    was being changed because an old pump union was leaking, so it was thought
    that the pump may as well be renewed at the same time. Al. 

  23. rodney a w carey says:

    great way of teaching joe public I find these videos helpful. one pointI
    wouldlike to put forward. I find that when you are talking away or into
    the cupboard, i have difficulty hearing what you are saying.Other wise the
    videos are are great and really informative. 10/10. R Carey

  24. dumptonpark says:

    Thanks for the video. Doing as your vid says I changed my pump in 25 mins.
    Now my heating works much much better. Thanks for sharing.

  25. pcb1962 says:

    Great tip about the hammer and chisel, there’s no way my pump was coming
    out any other way. Thanks