Heat Pump Port Orange

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Port Orange

This covers the color code for the thermostat wires used on heat pumps.
This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to accompany my websites: www.graycoolingman.com and www.grayfurnaceman.com to pass on what I have learned in many years of service and repair. If you have suggestions or comments they are welcome.
If you are a homeowner looking to repair your own appliance, understand that the voltages can be lethal, the fuels are highly flammable and high pressures are used. Know your limits.

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  1. grayfurnaceman says:
  2. TSV5300 says:

    The HVAC trade really needs to have universal wiring color code standards.
    Otherwise there will be wiring mistakes and confusion leading to shorted
    out circuits on installation and service calls. 

  3. Money Maker says:

    What and where does the brown wire go and what is its function? I have a
    heat pump.

  4. John Chi says:

    Why is it everytime you say orange, you point over the orange to the
    manilla color wire? your way too confusing when you do that

    What is the Manilla wire for (2nd wire from bottom)

  5. Ed Bloom says:

    Just read the Posts……….If You think that the “color” of the wires
    “Lost”, Your thinking, So Do We…”Sometimes”.!

  6. Veritas Aeuqtias says:

    Trane XR13 single stage heat pump with two stage aux heat pack in air
    handler. Here is what commonly used.
    Blue=24v common
    Yellow=Energize heat pump contactor
    Green=Blower relay
    Orange= Reversing Valve
    White=1st stage heat
    Black=2nd stage heat and defrost board call for heat while defrosting

    On Carrier I have seen white used mostly as common , in my area.
    But you should always check because there are it seems, a lot of color
    blind installers.

    Home owners think they can save money by replacing their own t-stats but
    mostly they wind up calling a service tech anyway after they have blown
    either the low voltage fuse or the transformer in the air handler/ furnace.

  7. Enrico Nardini says:

    Get the fuck out of here you amatures.

  8. Jacob Droesser says:

    How do you run the thermostat wire for heat pump unit
    pdoes it go fromthe thermostat to unit then from there to outside unit or
    what need help

  9. SombraLocs says:

    I was told that Y1 should be first stage heat and cool and that one
    difference is one will also energize the reversing valve. I thought you
    should always use W for heat, but now I’m confused.

  10. Jonathan Abraugh says:

    I disconnected my old thermostat, blue and brown were not used. I just
    hooked up my new Honeywell RTH3650D using the same wires, left out blue and
    brown. The outside compressor(?) thing comes on, but it’s not working.
    The pipes are cold and the vents are just blowing cool air. What’s going
    on? Assuming I have it hooked up correctly (at least as far as the
    instructions are concerned), what could be happening?

  11. David Parker says:

    OK – I am replacing a thermostat that has both an E terminal and an Aux
    terminal – Honeywell TH8320U1008. My new Honeywell TH8320R1003 has a
    single terminal labeled Aux/E. How do I compensate?

  12. thebuilder79 says:

    i have a problem im hopeing you are willing to help me with. i just
    installed a carrier airV air condiction on my camper and i want to use a
    honeywell 8000 thermostat. the problem is that the roof mount ac has a dumb
    remote control that wont work. so what i want to do is wire it to work with
    my thermostat so i can control the temp for both heat and cool. the ac only
    has a red, black for 12 volt and two blue wires that is for furnace signal.
    so do you know right of how to do this?

  13. Shannon Sharp says:

    There is NOT a color code for wiring! IT GOES BY FUNCTION! I WORK FOR

  14. Jizle05 says:

    I have a honeywell thermostat(batt powered) with 4 wires coming
    out(red,blue,white, and green) going to an old singer electric furnace. The
    spots to hook the wires on the furnace are labeled C,G,R, W1 and W2. I have
    red on Rc&R(jumpered), white on W and green on G. For the furnace I have
    green to G, white to W1 and red to R. The think that has me confused is
    that there is no yellow wire for the cooling. This also throws me off to
    where the two wires(red&white) goes to on the board. I only have the red
    with red at the furnace. I know the white should be with yellow, but I
    don’t have a yellow wire nor spot on the furnace for it.

    Any help will be very much appreciated!

  15. mrcrazy3872 says:

    ok what if u have a 6 wire system for heating and cooling then how do I
    wire it, and what kind of thermostat would work any cheap one as long as it
    has cooling and heating or do I need a special one that well wire a 6 wire
    system ,the thermostat looks 100 years old its big and brown, so I don’t
    now if I should even touch it cause everything is working but I would like
    to get a much simpilar one ,which I can set the heat or cooling and leave
    it alone ,thanks for any help

  16. Elliot Check says:

    I wanted to change the thermostat on my Carrier based Heatpump sytem and I
    have encoutered issues.
    The current thermostat is a Comfort Zone II (master) with a 2nd zone slave
    The wiring to the master is nothing as described and has only 4 wires Blue
    (RS-), Red (RS+), Green (VG) and Purple (V+).

    I have called Carrier and theyve told me Ithat they’re wifi thermostats
    will not work on it and in any event I would have to talk to a contractor.
    Called Honeywell, and they told me there’s wouldn’t work. Called a local
    contrator (in NC) and they told me the control boards and dampers would
    have to be changed to change thermostats – ~$2500

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

  17. Casey Conrad says:

    you left me more confused then before I watched this… why not just go in
    order of the wires.. “this one is sometimes always this, this one is
    sometimes this, but not always, this one is this, but not always…. come
    on guy…

  18. Eduardo Hdez says:

    MUCHAS GRACIAS. Una clase magistral! Muy agradecido!

  19. Grover Knoll says:

    I purchases a Honeywell 7 day thermo.model RTH2510B showing the use of 4 or
    5 color coded wires for use with my GE heat pump (running 35 years w/out
    repair) using aa GE Weathertron thermo model T344D100M179. The Weathertron
    has 4 hg bulbs with 2 white wires on left and only 1 on right.Please advise
    wiring instructions. I have pics but don’t know how to send.

  20. Jimmie Fender says:

    Copper wire is copper wire, there is nothing magical about the colors and
    you sure as hell can’t count on it being wired up to any standard
    convention. Get a schematic for the system, google is your friend on this
    one, so you can tell what goes where. I have even seen the colors change
    from the control board to the thermostat. Have fun.

  21. Serkan Sut says:
  22. Bill Nolan says:

    Can you put a Maples Chase thermostat 9601 for heat pump on a ;forced air
    gas furnace with no AC ? thanks

  23. Doug Doty says:

    Thanks for the great videos on HVAC, very helpful…

  24. michael houser says:

    Wrong the brown wire is a signal wire if your going to explain the wires
    and what there for at least do it eite