Heat Pump Satellite Beach

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Satellite Beach

See Jonathan Wallhauser and friends surfing absolutely giant and peeling Hurricane Sandy waves on an incredible day of surf by east coast standards.

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  1. surfyou76 says:

    Wy the big boards? Could have been comfy with a shorty.

  2. SurfAllDayA1A says:

    I used a 6’5″, which helped with the bigger sets.

  3. Chip Baumberger says:

    Big waves = Big boards, the guy on a shorty never made it out…

  4. av a word says:

    really u looked uncomfy when i saw u surf the other day

  5. av a word says:

    id call that 0-1 where im from

  6. John Healy says:

    Was this taken at RCs?

  7. wasianwigger says:

    small swell really, you should check out the ripppers where i am from

  8. supergangsta1998 says:

    then you must surf 1mm high waves?

  9. Jonah isdope says:

    Where do you paddle out at? Rc’s?

  10. Emmett Novak says:

    man I should’ve went there… I was surfing the cocoa beach pier they were
    good but not as big or clean.

  11. Nick Sievers says:

    reminds me of hags in california

  12. katbunz26 says:

    Just wondering ~ what was the water temp?

  13. katbunz26 says:

    Dude @ 1:05 looks like he’s got hypothermia with that red skin!

  14. Anthony Guadalupe says:

    i used a 5’4″ on that day… haha

  15. clarkewi says:

    Gotta love that warm water.

  16. Omar Khan says:

    Was anyone able to get on a longboard that day? I am only asking because of
    the dude with the Green board in the vid.

  17. nettwench says:

    Dude on the white board knows what he’s doing! And the 12-year-old is not
    so bad either. Takes some stones for a kid to get out in surf that size!
    Freaking mountains of whitewater. Looks a bit mushy, like the tide is high.
    I love the SOUND of it!

  18. mpmhpmp1 says:

    that right is awesome

  19. Seeing9ths says:

    I’m the guy on the green board. I didn’t make it out my first attempt but I
    did make it out my second attempt.

  20. Emilly Mullen says:


  21. Caleb Mallory says:

    Surfing SoFlo makes you appreciate days like this. Shame nothings come this
    big in the last year

  22. Jacob Shanahan says:

    4:37 is MONSTER.

  23. Jacob Shanahan says:

    I saw this too.

  24. Art Hansen says:

    Beautiful footage! I like the raw footage and the distance footage to get
    a feel for how far the paddle out was.

    I surfed a few thousand feet North of this I believe, shot footage in the
    morning, first time I shot 300 plus yards out.

    This was much better footage here, thanks!

  25. I'osua Leao says:

    Not Giant but pretty sick…