Heat Pump Sebastian

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Sebastian

A run through of central heating pump repair and diagnosis – a follow up to www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/heatingpump.html

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  1. Barbara Holzapfel says:

    Our wilo star pump is very hot and doesn’t appear to be circulating the
    water through the radiators, although it sounds as though it’s running. I’m
    in the process of bleeding all lines to cover the possibility of air in the
    system. Is it okay that it is hot to the touch?

  2. Andrew Jenkins says:

    My Wilo pump is failing to come on at the mains. Sometimes if I disconnect
    and wait around 20 mins it will come on again and start pumping the hot
    water around the system,but today its failed to start. Any Ideas ? My main
    concern is that I am running a 21kw wood burner and if I don’t pump the
    water through the rads the hot water cylinder will get to hot .

  3. Ilija Partalov says:

    please HELP ME,our pump GRUNDFOS is heating too much,first i didn’t noticed
    that the pump was heating, i think it doesn’t,but now how the temperature
    rising and the pump starts heating too much and is hearing some sounds,is
    this a problem or ? PLEASE HELP…

  4. Nipo Cain says:

    Very helpful and clear, thanks. Used it to debug my Wilo pump. Water had
    collected in the electrical box that was installed so that it was under the
    pump. After leaving it to dry out I am now able to kick-start the pump by
    cranking the shaft with a screwdriver as described – and the pump starts
    and runs no problem. However it can’t start on it’s own – if power is
    removed I need to manually crank it again. I’ve tried exchanging the
    capacitor with another from a working pump and no joy. Removed the allen
    nuts and no blockage. Any thoughts..thanks again!

  5. carpii says:

    Really useful vid, thanks! My pump had seized up but you gave me enough
    info to unscrew it and coax it back to life. 

  6. Resham Singh says:

    Very good

  7. Neil O'Donoghue says:
  8. Bogdan Iuga says:

    great material.

    I managed to restart my pump

  9. Aria Na says:

    Thanks for this information.

  10. Michael Marnell says:

    Cheers mate!

  11. richardsridge71 says:

    Very informative….thank you!

  12. Peter Brown says:

    Thanks very much indeed. As soon as you got to the bit about freeing the
    impeller with a screwdriver, I remembered what to do. We have this problem
    every year when we put the heating back on. I can’t complain though, the
    Grudfos is about 40 years old and still going….fairly strong!

  13. C Toumi says:

    Problem SOLVED !! Followed your advice and as it happened the pump was
    seized and full of air – Had a cowboy plumber in yesterday and his
    diagnosis was that the timer needed replacing – Thank you thank you thank

  14. Nipo Cain says:

    I didn’t find a solution…and didn’t have time to debug it further as
    house was getting cold..But I reckon the starter windings were damaged
    maybe due to corrosion or simply moisture…replaced it with the next gen
    pump in the same series and it now specifically says to install it so that
    the control box is on the top side..I guess to avoid any leaks dripping in 

  15. blipblip100 says:

    Great stuff – thanks!!!!

  16. houstonstation says:

    Mine was air locked! House getting warn now. Thanks for posting. 

  17. Emeric Moussalli says:

    Hi, very cool explanation! I am aiming at reusing almost the same 3 speeds
    pump but which has no control box anymore, only 6 unmarked wiring plugs ,
    so wondering : how to guess the neutral? can it work without capacitor??
    Any advice highly welcome! Thanxs

  18. Larie Enriquez says:

    My hot water is working well, but, radiators are not kicking in when I
    turned on the thermostat! would it be possible that my pump is faulty? pls
    reply, thanks.

  19. liam obrian says:

    very clear excellent help 

  20. Larie Enriquez says:

    Thanks a lot for this video man! now my heating system at home is working
    now. keep it up! very good and very informative.

  21. Steve Clark says:

    Hi, great video… very good. I’m looking at this video as today, I’ve
    noticed that the radiators in the house are cold downstairs, warm upstairs
    so I’m guessing its but being pumped around. The pump/system has been
    noisey lately, banging pipes etc. Today, I’ve noticed that now, the pump
    just has a buzzing sound. Could you tell me what this is likely to be
    before I get the unit replaced? Much appreciated. Thanks.

  22. Tutorials says:

    Where I can buy this capacitor

  23. Alan Baker says:

    Hi. Yes. Great video. I have just installed a circulating pump and it is
    very noisy. It sounds like it is running dry. I have undone the screw bleed
    valve and water trickles out. What do you suggest I do? Many thanks

  24. Dave says:

    Just buy your Sen a new pump 

  25. Merca Lehis says:

    I got jammed Grundfos 25-80, it was very hot when plugged in. Is there a
    way to repair these pumps. They are quite expensive, 400-500 euros.