Heat Pump Sneads

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Sneads

Do not try this at home! HVAC training is required. In this video I add a 24.5 SEER Daikin mini split to a sitting room. The new Hilmor flare tool is used.

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  1. steven lavimoniere says:

    nice looking install @ nice job with the video

  2. heavydiesel says:

    Nice install! They do a duct stop (sort of square funnel shaped thing) that
    i finish of trunking with, you just cut it back to suit the size and amount
    of lines exiting the trunking. What it does do apart from looking a bit
    better is hold the trunking lid on if it gets hit for some reason. I
    usually screw the trunking up with those cable tie clips so i can hold the
    lines without the lid on. I like the Hilmor flare tool! Might have see if i
    can find one here, Thanks!

  3. dizziedallas says:

    Nice install! That flaring tool is to cool!

  4. Matthew L says:

    24.5 SEER cha-ching! I rarely see anything higher than 16. Nice video as

  5. talyn875 says:

    Thanks! It’s my pleasure

  6. talyn875 says:

    Thanks. East Coast Metal Distributors

  7. talyn875 says:

    Thanks, So far the two diakins I have done are fine.

  8. talyn875 says:

    Oh yes. Thanks Dallas

  9. talyn875 says:

    Its good stuff John. This one is 9000

  10. ByeByeMissAmericaPie says:

    Daikin $$$$$

  11. B Plat says:

    its pronounced “day-kin”

  12. Justin credible says:

    I’m installing two of these on tuesday. Do these need the adapter fitting
    for the service valve like the fujitsu’s and some of the other mini splits?

  13. John Smith says:

    How exactly do you verify the refrigerant charge on those things? Does it
    tell you how much refrigerant to add/remove based on line length, or did
    you have to go superheat?

  14. Klima uređaji says:

    Montaža Daikin klima uređaja sa toplinskom pumpom mode HVAC

  15. jeepMI says:

    How coldest they can run out side temp cuz I’m in michagin

  16. Emin HVAC says:

    I love Daikin. nice job with line hide it looks excellent.

  17. Southwest HVAC Inc. Long Beach California says:

    Very cool video…..

  18. Pacific HVAC Air conditioner says:

    Daikin multi-zone 4 ports 4MXS refrigerant manufacture charged up to 133
    ft. you don’t have to subtract refrigerant less than 133 ft. Single zone
    usually charged up to 32 ft.
    Yes, you can go super heat with this system, but you should wait around 25
    minutes to stabilize. general In hot days super heat between 12-15f. Cold
    day’s 9-12f

  19. Ellie Waller says:

    we love air con , made for it 

  20. Richard Chandler says:

    I have been enjoying your work ethic for about a year.
    Please continue, You take pride in the work we do and
    that is becoming rare in our trade. We all learn something
    new everyday in this trade. Keep up the great work!

  21. Napalm Porter says:

    Man you do some clean work! Thanks for posting. Never done a mini split
    yet. Super clean. Love the TLC you put into every job.

  22. Skank what? says:

    nice Work , thanks for sharing , I couldn’t Work by myself,

  23. IcennRPG says:

    What size hose fittings are you using?

  24. Pacific HVAC Air conditioner says:

    DAIKIN FTXSLVJU can run down to zero even -3 in heating mode
    Fujitsu 9, 12 and 15RLS3H can run down to -15 F.

  25. newstart49 says:

    Hows that unit running today? Any problems?
    How is the Daikin support?