Heat Pump Weston

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Weston

At the project house in Weston, landscape contractor Roger Cook installs a berm and fence in the front yard to screen out the busy street. Landscape architect Wes Wirth and homeowner Amy Favat review the native plants they’ve chosen for the new planting beds. Amy takes host Kevin O’Connor to a showroom and workshop in Florence, Massachusetts, where they both lend a hand in making the concrete countertops and sink. Back in Weston (after a 30-day cure time) master carpenter Norm Abram finds the countertops being installed in the kitchen. Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows Kevin how the house is being cooled, with an a la carte, split-type air conditioning system featuring outdoor heat pump units and indoor wall mounted units. These provide zoning control in the different areas of the house. Upstairs in the master bedroom, Kevin finds Amy and designer Carole Freehauf putting down eco-friendly carpet tiles that are easy for DIY-ers to install. General contractor Tom Silva installs a handcrafted copper owl weathervane that will sit on top of the project house.

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10 Responses

  1. jb60135 says:

    looks great amy!

  2. Lipton Tea says:

    So let me get this straight. You spend a million dollars on a giant,
    homunculus of a home, but then throw in a dozen A/C units that look like
    they’re straight out of a motel that rents by the hour?

  3. Patrick says:

    also known as AC

  4. rubberdc says:

    I know…….

  5. caskwith says:

    I’m sure I spotted George Mabry from the Cambridge project at the party.

  6. Blah Blaah says:

    Lipton Tea, I suspect you don’t know what ‘homunculus’ means. You might
    look it up…

  7. Doug Reed says:

    2:35 Good thing they decided a big tree would prevent the world from
    knowing how pretty their house is, seeing as how it’s roots would have also
    destroyed the driveway and the stormwater management system under it.

    17:45 Putting the A/C evaporator unit in the little entryway, as far from
    any exterior wall as possible, with the thermostat directly beneath it?
    There is so much wrong with that, where to begin? Good God, I hope Richard
    didn’t design that, his competence is questionable enough as it is.

    19:45 MODULAR tile? AMAZING!!! What will modern technology think of
    next? Thank you, teh inter-web tubes.

  8. bg147 says:

    I find it amusing how important being green is to the home owners. Yet, the
    greenest solution would have been to restore the original house on their

  9. James Welsh says:

    I remember when this show was about the houses and the craftsmen who
    repaired and restored them. Now it seems more and more about taking an old
    house and turning it into a McMansion. 

  10. hopen4tune says:

    Is there anything that woman doesn’t know?