Heat Pump Winter Garden

Posted on: June 28, 2015 by in Heat Pump
Heat Pump Winter Garden

Want to get a jump-start on the growing season or store plants for the winter? Dave shows you two different cold frames — structures that allow you to shelter plants from the cold.

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  1. segagenesis1989 says:

    Looks like a useful idea. I think I will try this out this winter. I was
    wondering if you had any advice with respect to winterizing asters. I have
    three plants that are potted in 6 inch pots. I was wondering how you would
    winterize them? Is it a good idea to leave the potted aster outside, taking
    care to cover the actual plant so that it is protected from the elements?
    What do you suggest?

  2. jayluketa says:

    Any advice for using cold frames in a number 2 zone? it hits -40C in the

  3. gerryboy101 says:

    @jayluketa just a thought try stringing xmas lights along side your plants

  4. jayluketa says:

    @gerryboy101 that is a good idea. thank you 🙂

  5. gerryboy101 says:

    @jayluketa also use those big 2 liter pop jugs. fill them with water and
    paint them black. position them in the greenhouse that gets the most
    sunlight. they will heat up in the day and continue to warm the surrounding
    air at night.

  6. gerryboy101 says:

    @jayluketa do a search on youtube for “pop can heater”. build one with a a
    solar panel that activates a computer fan. place it on the inside roof of
    your greenhouse. i’m also looking into doing this myself. you can
    potentially use solar panels to recharge a battery that powers your xmas
    lights in the evening. no hydro bills

  7. Dward Okun says:

    I too am in Massachusetts. What is the name of this farm and what town is
    it in?

  8. jude1c9v says:

    I’m in Zone 7, should I face to the South too?

  9. mikepousti says:

    nice video

  10. 130June says:

    That would also be a great bugout shelter for anyone who finds themselves
    homeless, for whatever reason. Anyone could scout around for the materials
    to make such a shelter, even ask for free perspex online.

  11. Ben Cooper says:

    great video, im in wales uk and im sure this will help me!!

  12. Bee Farmer says:

    heck ya, im gona build one like that deep one in my backyard and I don’t
    care what my mom says.