Solar Water Heater Auburndale

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Solar Water Heater Auburndale

Looking to go Solar? Here Are 4 Tips to Hiring the Right Solar Panel Provider For Your Home in Newton MA!

0:07 The Keys to Hiring the Right Solar Provider
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What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a result of the Sun’s radiation and acts as a powerful supply of energy as fossil fuels become depleted, very expensive and as consumers favor alternative energy.

Every beam of light that we can convert into electrical power is an additional step in decreasing the pollution of fossil fuels. Also by installing solar panel systems on homes, we are investing in the clean energy economy and generating millions of jobs without the need to outsource.

What is Photovoltaic (or Solar Panels)?

Photovoltaic or Solar Panels help us to directly convert natural light into a source of electricity. PV arrays are made up of solar cells that can come in many different shapes and sizes. PV array on a house generating electricity is often composed of traditional crystalline silicon. Common solar panels have an efficiency of around 15%, however there are models that are up to 21% efficient.

Active & passive solar heating

Passive solar can be used to heat a building. By constructing a building with large south-facing glass windows, the Sun’s energy can be captured during the day. Certain thermal storage components can absorb the heat and slowly dissipate it throughout the evening keeping the building heated.

Active solar heating is also a method to make use of the Sun’s radiant energy. An example of active solar is solar water heating units. These systems can be found on the top of many buildings around the world. Water steadily passes through a flat plate collector facing the Sun and as the water is heated, it flows into a storage compartment to be used in the future. In several Mediterranean areas, 30-40% of the homes have solar water heaters, emphasizing the effectiveness of such a system to meet basic family hot water needs.

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What are the Best Solar Panels for your home in Newton MA?

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