Solar Water Heater Bal Harbour

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Solar Water Heater Bal Harbour

Paul Shippee: Solar Guru explains in his Quick Tip the difference between Parallel and Series configurations in Photovoltaic panel arrays.

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  1. goonluv says:


  2. Eco Jaunt says:

    We love that you love! Help spread the word! ThanX!!!

  3. Roger Hill says:

    Thanks for sharing! good information God Bless!

  4. travis stanton says:

    Cheers Jesus!

  5. Spence says:

    Finally, a good description in simple English! Thank you!

  6. restlesseyes says:

    very short, very nice and very easy to understand! ­čśÇ

  7. DRLO78 says:

    how can i connect more then 2 12 volts panels in series to in a 24 volt

  8. Emre Emirli says:

    Mr. Shippee. Let’s say I have two panels. One is generating 11 Volts, the
    other is generating 10 Volts (Say this one is in a shadowy place). What
    happens if we put them in parallel. Electricty from both panels run to the
    battery or the electrity from the 11 V panel runs to the 10 V panel.
    Question mark.

  9. pidner says:

    Thanks,Im going with parallel,a fellow who claimed to know what he was
    talking about said I would damage the panels wiring them that way,which I
    pretty much figured he was full of it,with an sh in front of it.

  10. frankmmiii says:

    Thank You for demystifying this. I have 2 Harbor Freight 45 watt Solar
    Panel kits and I was wondering why when I plugged all the panels together
    they were still producing about 24v in good sunlight. I will check some of
    your videos but just in case what are the advantages and disadvantages of
    each setup. And Again, Thank You very much! Frank M. M. III

  11. willey dok says:

    What do most do people with their solar, series or parallel?

  12. Paul Shippee says:

    People generally use a combination depending on the size of the array and
    the voltage needed at the outlet. For example you can have many sets of 3
    panels connected in series, that are then all wired in parallel for an
    array output. It’s designer’s choice!

  13. humphrey michael c says:

    You can build your own Solar Panels, saving $1,000’s off of retail price

  14. Glenn Hough says:

    can you show a series connection for solar, thank you

  15. chamath1985 says:

    Thank you for sharing. Does this also mean if I connect panels in parallel
    will it add up the current? For an example 6V, 60mA if I connect 4 in
    series is the output 6V, 240mA?

  16. Rian Mukred says:

    Bypass diode is commonly used in PV panels to avoid problem when connected
    in series i.e. when shading or panel outage. ´╗┐

  17. fredetheneedle says:

    hi now i know parrallel and series how and can i hook both parrallel and
    series together so i get higher voltage and ampage regards david´╗┐

  18. fredetheneedle says:

    i have six small solar panels 4.7 volts about 70ma each and want to charge
    my 12v motor bike battery regards david´╗┐

  19. fredetheneedle says:

    so my question is can i have thee in parrallel 4v about 200ma and three in
    series 12v and connect both together so i get 12 to 14v and about 300ma
    can this be done regards david´╗┐

  20. simon peter says:

    In Series we get high Voltage.
    InPara we get high amp.
    In Mix type we get high V & Amp.´╗┐

  21. Paul Petrea says:

    Solar panels have bypass diodes so the entire array in series will not fail
    if one panel within the series does.´╗┐

  22. rastarito says:

    hi, does parallel or series afffects the wats?´╗┐

  23. Jesse Toler says:

    Very good little demonstration. If I put my panels is series or parallel,
    what gauge wire should I run to my charge controller? I have 4 100w/6a
    panels on my RV and want to connect them to a single marine battery.´╗┐