Solar Water Heater Belle Isle

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Belle Isle

This Swimming Pool is made from Bamboo, Cardboard and a Tarp. Invented By Yankey Donn, Made By Laafy and friends at Belle Isle Rd, Grange Hill, Westmoreland.

25 Responses

  1. Jamiscent jam says:
  2. damion mckenzie says:

    pool bad yu frug

  3. rome freshlyfe says:

    mad ting

  4. Phil Hall says:

    Why do Jamaicans need pools when they are surrounded by water? Just saying!

  5. SouFLoTV @ Youtube says:

    why are there so many pool homes in florida when there is a beach every
    where you turn in the state, ?? wah yuh a try fi seh ???

  6. SouFLoTV @ Youtube says:

    if you dont know you know now , jamaican people can build anything , jah
    know , love it , resourceful to the max

  7. Phil Hall says:

    Florida is much more humid than Jamaica and honestly homes in Florida don’t
    sell well if there is no AC or pool.. I am pretty sure its easier to get to
    the ocean in Jamaica than Fla. ?? dats wah me a try fi seh ???

  8. tashieme says:

    actually its not Jamaica is around a lot of water but certain places is in
    the bush its actually easier to get to the beach in florida then Jamaica
    boy know you facts before u state them js

  9. Phil Hall says:

    LOL..well since i was born in Jamaica I know only too well that not every
    part of the country is close to the water. Neither is Florida!! How much of
    FLA is swamps? Quite a lot actually and thats not where you would go
    swimming is it? Maybe you should know your facts before you state them!!

  10. tashieme says:

    and I was born in Jamaica as well and getting to the BEACH in florida is
    much more easier than getting to the beach in Jamaica not everyone have
    their own transportation as people in the u.s so when needed booboo as u
    can see they’re very resourceful to bring fun to them

  11. tashieme says:

    and I actually live in florida and im two miles away from the beach….my
    home in Jamaica is in the country commodore if u ever heard of it so to get
    to a beach I have to travel either to ocho rios or portmore now if u know
    better u know that’s and hr plus more wroth of drive… you tell me
    which place is more easier when it comes to that?!

  12. Phil Hall says:

    Yes agreed transportation is not always easy for the average Jamaican, so
    getting to the beach might be a problem. Don’t get me wrong. i think the
    pool is wonderful and yes resourceful.

  13. Patricia Chapman-Kelly says:

    I agree… smh. All those kids around and the dance must go on..

  14. DioderDemoN says:

    El final sobraba completamente.

  15. Mike Yamaguchi says:

    nice pool

  16. Fulaleo Obremor says:

    no se si al principio los bambú son de marihuana O.o

  17. kanyallhearmenow says:

    lol , i didnt expect to see ass smaking in this video ha ha MO FIREEEEEE !

  18. ღCassieCakesღ says:

    this is amazing and very clever i wish bambo grew where i lived….:(

  19. olando breakenridge says:

    need to find the inventors of this pool.

  20. mikedaflexta says:

    Love the ending. 

  21. hvackid9 says:

    i got to build one of these!

  22. Michał Poreda says:

    I must visit Jamaica some day, by the way :D

  23. Maria Pizano says:

    Eso esta genial 

  24. pat myer says:

    show when it fell down. And really? dancing like a ho in front of kids?

  25. Michael Billalba says:

    its kinda sad at the begining and at the end not so sad