Solar Water Heater Cross City

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Cross City

In this video I show step by step how to build a solar powered portable solar air heater that can be placed in a window or taken on the go as well. I hope this video is a blessing to you. Below is the links to the fan and solar option parts for the build:
5 Watt panel from ebay option for just about any size 12 volt computer fan for the solar panels and for 12 volt CPU fans. Just type in either solar panels or computer cooling fans in the search bar on their website which ever you want to buy or both.

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25 Responses

  1. Chris Hutchings says:

    Shared on The Prophecy Club on Facebook we’ve adopted you.. :)

  2. jwarrick3 says:

    For future reference you can take the tops off soda cans with a regular can
    opener it will let you move through cans a lot faster with less hassle and
    a cleaner cut…

  3. J. Williams says:

    Great! And a great use for those aluminium cans that are lying around. Now,
    can you do a build of a solar powered air cooler? 🙂
    Could this be used, with modifications, for a solar water heater? No fan,
    but a 5 gal bucket, or two, feeding water into it. Also the wood should
    probably be water proofed.

  4. Silas Longshot says:

    Nice project. This project implies that your unit would be used inside the
    house, sitting on the sill of a window with lots of sun exposure, right?
    Could be used outside if a 2″ vacuum cleaner hose and some other
    contraption adapted to the window sill were attached at the outlet, to pipe
    the warm air into the house.

  5. TheTacticalBarrage says:

    I would have added 1/4 inch foam insulation on the inside of the outer wall
    to retain more heat. That way you don’t loose as much through the walls of
    the frame. Also you can insulate the exterior walls of the frame, then
    paint it (black) to improve the insulation value. Also if you want to
    insure it’s air tight run a silicon bead around the outside of the frame
    where the glass meets the wood. Then as mentioned place the outer frame
    insulation on. also I have a means of increasing the temp from outside the
    box…For your fan air output attach an small funnel to the fan vent port.
    then attach a pvc swivel joint to the funnel end and you have both
    increased air velocity and added directional capability.

  6. Glenn Hough says:

    This video is a great step by step instruction of building effective solar
    air heater… thanks for sharing..

  7. Nathan Daniels says:

    I love this design, but curious what do you do during the night? The
    nighttime is when you need the heat the most, however I don’t think this
    does any good without the sunlight, no?

  8. captain42979 says:

    Yahshua bless you 7 trumpet.

  9. Laurette Tsun says:

    Are these temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius? 

  10. Bradley Riddoch says:

    +Laurette Tsun its Fahrenheit.. if it was Celsius he would have boilded the
    water in his hands when he placed them over the outlet

  11. Eli B says:

    Hi i made one 6′ x 12′ with downspouts and closed the ends like you did so
    the air will travel though all. I use a 2″ blower fan and it blows a lot
    and it has got up to 168 degrees. My question is have you ever tried using
    a plastic pipe. I wanted to use a 3″ drain tile pipe with no holes so i
    could just slinky it in the box without any leaks. Wasnt sure if it would
    heat as good as the metal though.

  12. NoneBuriedDeeper says:

    do steel cans work better since they are a heavier gauge of metal and can
    hold more heat?

  13. Terry O'Rourke says:

    Thanks for showing us ! 

  14. John Delselva says:

    I would put the fan be at the intake. It will keep the fan cool.

  15. Guy in the Rusty Truck says:

    Something I have found is that using a standard hand turned can opener on
    the top works much easier and leaves a much cleaner cut.

  16. Tim Yorty says:

    why not use aluminum downspouts instead of all the work cutting, glueing &
    assembling the aluminum cans?

  17. Jonathan Villella says:

    i have a project for school where i have to come up with a way to reduce
    the amount of plastic water bottles in our landfills and i was trying to
    come with something like this, and i am wondering if anyone would think
    something like this would work but with plastic water bottles

  18. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    wow that was fantastic…would you consider making them for people and
    selling them?

  19. waswestkan says:

    Clearly the panels are providing enough power to turn the fan, enough
    airflow is being produced as is I couldn’t know. However to provide 3 W to
    the fan you are going to need 2 more panels in series and wired in
    parallel to the 2 panels you gave now.

  20. John Godwin says:

    Great Job. Best on video of the window unit on YouTube. I now want to
    make one. :)

  21. John Godwin says:

    You should give us an update on how it has performed. :-)

  22. Mark W says:

    have you tested this in the winter!? I have temps at single digit!

  23. George Pratt says:

    very nice vid

  24. Tanya Coons-Redig says:

    I have seen some of these with insulation in the box. Inspiring and well
    explained. Thanks!

  25. Sherry Ruckdeschel says:

    Awesome video !!! thank you for sharing