Solar Water Heater Davie

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Davie

Sax notes lead to off-beat boiler.
Let us imagine a revolutionary heater for water powered by electricity, which bits all possible records. For example, it makes water boil almost instantly and in the entire volume. The inventor claimed that it apparently consumes much less electricity than the value of heat it generates. It is safe in use – means if properly installed one can touch it, as well as touch water it boils, without a danger of electrocuting, in turn when the entire boiled water evaporates, the heater becomes cold by itself and does not initiate any fire. Furthermore, there are premises which suggest that this heater probably also telekinetises the boiled water thus turning it into almost miraculous “water of life”. In turn, as we know (e.g. from mythology and folklore), such miraculous “water of life” has capability to heal, increases the life longevity, improves taste, conserves food, etc. Thus, these people who drink such “water of life”, may gain from it not only good health and increased longevity, but also improved taste and greater usability of everything that is based on it. But the boiler described here bits also completely different record. Namely, the world record of it is, that a phenomenon called the curse of inventors that secretly affect inventors and discoverers, effectively blocked the implementation of this invention to an industrial production for over 60 years. And this blocking is carried out in spite that the invention displays potentials to positively revolutionise principles of liquids heating, that probably it telekinetises water which it boils, and also that the technical capabilities and pioneering principles of operation allow this invention to lift significantly the civilisation level in the entire humanity.

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  1. ClwnJuNkY says:

    yes V8 when we added coffee it exploded , milk has a hirer frequencey . I
    used it nearly every day to boil my water for my breakfast and coffees with

  2. Jim Farley says:

    yet another great contribution to humanity stifled because of one man’s
    desire to cash in. He’s an ex-spitfire pilot. He doesn’t appear to be poor.
    Yet he wants to cash in and that will keep this from ever helping humanity.
    Thanks a reef, Pete!

  3. Szavanna Sunshine says:
  4. Killa Beez says:

    greed controls the world unfortunately

  5. Jim Farley says:

    Goddamn Peter Davey… he took this secret to his grave. Greedy fuck.

  6. Ganduri Libere says:

    Gogu Constantinescu invented that. Is romanian inventor.

  7. heaty007 says:

    humans are idiots. So if you know its frequency then test every frequency
    in water till it boils. You fuck nuts amaze me sometimes. I guess I have to
    do it for you fuckers.

  8. Dickbutt says:

    +ClwnJuNkY and V8NZ,
    I’d be very interested in how this piece of equipment works and how it can
    be made.
    Im an enthousiastic student and I have all the time on my hands to
    researsch this, so any help would be very very nice

  9. H Majhail says:

    old man is pumping fucking superheated air through that you dumb fucks…
    god damn humanity is doomed.

    dude is a scumbag that tried to cash in on an imbecile investor… most
    people with money are too smart for a retard like this guy though so he
    went to the grave a poor bitch.

  10. Ulker1707 says:

    I love people like him, so clever. But old white politicans and companys
    will make everything that we can’t use devices like this because they
    couldn’t still money from us in oil, petrol and e.t.c.

  11. Searn Algar says:

    I have successfully replicated the tech, its real..

  12. azizzable says:

    die mother fucking geazer you die tomorrow and you don’t want to share your
    idea what you want from life old cracker you lived your life help young
    people to get rid of slavery

  13. Jason felton says:

    why is there a plug off of the back of it and can anyone verify that
    the water is hot…i have a mister that makes water look like it is
    boiling and creats a myst that looks like steam even says on the box
    it uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the myst i wonder if this is
    whats realy going on ….

  14. Jason felton says:

    infact the more i ook at it i notice that the bubbles only come from
    around the top of the ball from the bell part off of the tube……its
    hooked up to something pumping air hahahah im going to make one

  15. Jason felton says:

    you want free energy it is out there its hydorgen and very easy to
    make and endless look up the guy who lives 100 percent off the grid
    with hydorgen

  16. Life is illusion says:

    Nothing to do with sound, its just the results of water electrolysis. Do it
    yourself and you will see. If you rectify it, you get higher and faster
    heat. Just rectify the 240 v or 120 v you get out of the wall and use it to
    electrolyze water and you will be shocked how fast and efficiently it will
    heat water for you 😀 

  17. Highoctanena says:

    For all you haters my Grandfather made these first back in the 60s and used
    to have a great chuckle in confusing people how it worked.but in fact a
    certain note runs at so many cycles per second the same as the frequency.
    Boils at hence the high efficiency . I still use them today to make my
    Coffee. This is not an element though as it will only boil water and have a
    hernia and blow fuses with any other liquid. They are are highly efficient
    device but so is a hot water cylinder. Good for small quantities and
    actually produce better steam set up right. 

  18. Sungaze1111 says:

    This isn’t a claim. This is cavitation. Look up the pistol shrimp, and
    star in a jar experiment, the temperature reached inside the bubble is the
    sun’s corona, and the sound, sine wave, hz, even friction, releases the
    molecular energy, so its really cold fushion, implosion, and we’re really
    using the wrong science, our fossil fuel technology enriches the elite
    only, while destroying earth.