Solar Water Heater Dundee

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Dundee

This is a great solar water heater conversion that I found on the net. They also sell on eBay and it is a really great product. Modular design so you can add panels on the fly and taylor you heat ouput accordingly for a fraction of the price or the space of conventional solar water heaters. The great thing about it is that you can use your existing gas or electric water heater so it saves on materials, wastes nothing and saves a lot of money. I hope you folks like it as much as I did. It was really easy to install and they have a wealth of pictures, documents and videos showing the easy installation.

To look at the solar water heater go to

This next link is for a solar water heater I almost purchased which would be quite good and perhaps more efficient?

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  1. WORRO01 says:

    Great, and true message, and prayer at the end there Al. Thanks. I’ll be
    checking the link out on this. It looks great! Thumbs UP!

  2. Backyardsoul says:

    Great idea, would have to disconnect 9 mos. out the year where I’m at. Way
    more simple than glycol with a heat exchanger in the tank. Very
    informative, thanks.

  3. N8Dogg1002 says:

    Al! Good to hear from ya buddy. I too wasinterested in a set up like this
    with out all the xtras. Thanx for the info. Hope all is well at the
    homestead. Hope you’ve been gettin some of this wind we’ve been gettin
    lately. Hope to put up some vids soon as I star to add some PV’s to my
    system. Please subscribe so you can watch em and give me some pointers.
    Take care. Oh, and thanx for telling me about Sunelec. -Nate

  4. OBXSOLWIND says:

    The system looks great Al. Thanks for the prayer. May God bless you and

  5. TheBillytheJack2010 says:

    Nice vid and thanks for the link, will be checking if cold weather is a
    problem for them. But again thanks and God bless.

  6. helloman1976 says:

    Let us know how it works out for you and if and when you notice any

  7. econewpower says:

    @depravedpuma Not a problem here in southeast Texas, if might freeze a
    night or two a year but not long enough to burst any of our exposed pipes
    outside ever. Besides the PEX line will give some if needed and for those
    who need to worry about it you can install a freeze valve on the roof water

  8. econewpower says:

    @WORRO01 Thanks!

  9. econewpower says:

    @pgm98387 I hear you, I lived in North Dakota for 15 years, there is
    another system that I considered and almost purchased which is a
    pressurized system, goes on the roof, uses the vacuum heat collectors to
    heat the water in the tank, it is super-insulated and has a 1,500 watt
    electric heating element as a backup. If there’s clouds for too long then
    the thermostat will kick off the electric element. God bless and take care.

  10. econewpower says:

    @N8Dogg1002 I just subscribed Nate, I guess when you changed your screen
    name I lost track of getting subscribed to your new channel. I’ve been
    getting great winds but not harnessing any since both my turbines are down
    for relocation. I fixed my boat shed and built another steel building plus
    a greenhouse so that took what little spare time I had. Hoping to get them
    flying again soon. Looking forward to more from you soon my brother from
    way back., keep posting! God bless you and your family.

  11. econewpower says:

    @OBXSOLWIND Thank you brother Kevin. P.S. I love your new reloading video
    and the new Outback setup you put up, that stuff is looking great! God
    bless you and those around you always my brother.

  12. econewpower says:

    @TheBillythekid2010 I don’t think that will work well for places with
    extended freezing weather, but I will post a link to the other company I
    was considering to purchase from, those will work in cold weather climate
    by installing a freeze valve above the roof tank. Take care and God bless

  13. econewpower says:

    @helloman1976 Certainly, I will monitoring for the next few months and see
    how much of a difference it does make. Of course my best return will be in
    March-Nov where I’m located as the temp during that time above 80 almost
    always and the sun is shining. Take care and God bless you.

  14. Fubar Protocol says:

    I Know were to go to take a nice hot shower when the SHTF. Nice job Al and
    another great video with good information.

  15. Viking9280 says:

    yet another great video mate

  16. econewpower says:

    @FUBARPROTOCOL Your welcome anytime Carey…but if the SHTF for real, bring
    your arsenal with you! God bless you brother!

  17. econewpower says:

    @Viking9280 Thanks Viking!

  18. nx2overide says:

    So i see this is an older video. Is this system really worth the money?
    Been looking at it because i want to build a solar hot water system but
    using my existing hot water heater. BTW your videos are awesome!

  19. normsolwind says:

    Hey Al, now you’ve had your system running for a couple years I have a
    couple questions. Have you had any problems with the pump? And, any
    problems with the PEX lines?

  20. econewpower says:

    The pump continues to work flawlessly, The PEX lines connecting the panels
    have not fared as well, I’ve had three sections that have failed. I think
    the heat and the sun decays the line. I will be changing the the
    inter-panel lines with copper and from the panels to the heater I will be
    replacing the PEX with a roll of fleixble hot water line.

  21. seedivine2k5 says:

    What do you estimate the cost of the replacement lines (hot water lines)?
    As well as the inter-Panel lines with copper? Thank you sir for a great
    video.. PEACE! 🙂

  22. Bonnie Flory says:

    This kind of setup could be dangerous. There is no safety at all to prevent
    the water heater to overheat and possible to explode because of heat and
    pressure build up.

  23. Mark White says:

    the water heater has a pressure relief valve that you can see in the video
    on top of the water heater. No water heater in the US ships without it.

  24. Dallas W says:

    Nice system! Better yet, I really enjoyed your message of prayer. Thanks
    and may God bless you!

  25. John Gleason says:

    Has the bottom feed connector been maintenance free thus far?