Solar Water Heater Edgewood

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Edgewood

March 22, my 26-year old Sears Hot Water heater died. What happened when I tried to buy a new one and install it myself is an object lesson in why Sears is hemorrhaging money.

Installing one is SO difficult;-) Cold water supply, hot water pipe, gas pipe, flue. You don’t even need a match on the end of a long stick to light the pilot anymore; it’s all push-button. Big whoop. I installed the old water heater, I did it with this one. I’ll install the next one, if I live that long.

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  1. CoolasIce2 says:

    He’s an asshole alright.

  2. triponmsn says:

    Bypass Sears. I agree aweful customer service and good luck finding a
    person that you can understand on the phone. No more.

  3. budget473 says:

    good one

  4. AprylZA says:

    I wish it was as easy as replacing one dependable product with another.
    Does anybody make any product with the quality we expected 30yrs ago?
    Congratulations on keeping those American-sized antique appliances for as
    long as you have!

  5. artistmac says:

    @Hooksinu1 When you learn how to write, try again. And if your 3-year old
    has learned to bitch, whose fault is that, parent?

  6. metalvegetax sajin says:

    Quit bitching u shouldn’t have even bought it after they gave u shit in the
    beginning man up stop bitchin

  7. remastered1950ford says:

    I was just watching the news, sears is closing stores. perhaps your video
    is on time poor customer service, store clerks that dont give a damn or
    managers that dont give a shit .

  8. BenB8290 says:

    Wow..1956? You’re older than my parents and you look about my age.

  9. scirockalot8v says:

    i like the impression of the sears girl…kinda sounded like michael

  10. Carl Fxy says:

    Very entertaining, I even enjoyed the editing glitches… You got some
    Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor from the 80’s stand up about you

  11. ChicharonyPresidente says:

    Good story. Thanks for sharing. This is a good example of a poorly
    managed American Corporation. Wonder why people go to another store? Why
    they buy foreign goods? This is a hint of why. And now Sears has joined
    forces with another looser, K-mart. Two looser stores don’t make one good

  12. TheCommanderxCx says:

    I am soooooo sharing this with my co-workers. Lolololololol. 

  13. Roger Preston says:

    good job except u installed it backward &upside down I know because im
    sears appoved installer

  14. nolamar1 says:

    Ahaahaha! Awesome video. Good stuff, I’m subscribing.

  15. artistmac says:

    Seven years with that 2007 Sears water heater, still cranking out the hot
    water. Must be luck. :D

  16. Louski sands says:

    great video, the man hates you for being so intelligent, 

  17. Dawn Starling says:

    Sadly for Sears, a good, repeat, loyal customer is gone for good. If you
    don’t keep up with the market place, it leaves you behind… maybe renaming
    the Sears tower in Chicago was a harbinger of things to come. I’m just

  18. croc huntas says:

    Dude, enjoy life a little, buy some new appliances before you die.

  19. croc huntas says:

    Ok i do like the caprice

  20. YaBoyJude says:

    First you look great to be in late 40’s to 50. However having old
    appliances use so much more power than newer appliances……on the flip
    side of the coin newer appliances seems not to last as long as older ones

  21. Rance Lumsden says:

    I have a 14 year old Kenmore, gas water heater. I’m getting another one
    just to be proactive. Has not leaked, but plumbing going to it needs to be
    replaced so I’m doing the whole thing. 

  22. Dutchman Kamstra says:

    Did you change the anode rod on the 1981 water heater on a regular basis?
    I just replaced my not quite 8 year old Bradford-White 40 gal gas water
    heater when it sprang a leak last Thursday morning. I’ll admit, it’s short
    life was basically my fault. I never changed the anode or flushed the tank
    in all that time. Add the fact that I have a water softener and it’s
    amazing it lasted that long. Given the cost of the new heater, I plan on
    changing the anode and flushing the tank every year and draining two
    gallons of water from the tank on a monthly basis. Maybe then the new
    Rheem water heater will last 14 years instead of 7!

  23. wholeNwon says:

    What exactly do “died” and “blew out” mean? What went wrong? 

  24. GBuckne says:

    The thing is Sears is so disorganized that they don’t care what anyone
    thinks or about there competition. This is what happens when you have a
    Hedge Fund Investor Chairman and CEO of a Retail Corp. 

  25. kazumisan071 says:

    I have one and will now go to Home Deot, Menards, etc.because Sears no
    longer exist.