Solar Water Heater Florida City

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Florida City

Building & Installing my discreet home-made solar water heater, beginning solar install, and Van A/C.

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  1. Donna Ranger says:

    this is really turing out nice! Instead of throwing good $$ towards Tilly,
    you can have reliable transportation for a long time with this van. Smaller
    = cheaper on gas, easier to cool/heat. 

  2. geak28 says:

    use the Unistrut that hangover 4 hooking up your shower curtain .

  3. Peter Stewart says:

    You forgot to put in a pressure release valve ! just saying !

  4. markus uebel says:

    a relyable rig is number one, but also to have some living space. try to
    find a newer motorhome or as you said a trailer. keep it going. thanks for
    your entertainment

  5. Golan Klinger says:

    Hot diggity! That was one of the most interesting videos Eric has ever
    done. The time flew by and when it was over I was left wanting more. I
    almost feel bad for those whiners who quit the channel when he sold Tilly.
    Silly people.

  6. Wanderin' Moose says:

    Nice job Dude ! When you get caught up, a suggestion ; add a second pipe to
    the other side. Glue them together and put a tee in the middle of the one
    on passenger side over the side doors. You now have doubled your hot water
    !This way with the spigot over the side doors you can take your showers
    between the doors ! Just a thought ….

  7. scott boyd says:

    As a future van dweller I am looking forward to what Eric comes up with for
    the van, He seems to have some great ideas ,,I would like JAX to get a
    cool co-pilot seat though

  8. Don't Bother Me says:

    You should have put th spigot out of the bottom of the pipe. As it is, it
    will leave a lot of water in there. I hope that it works.

  9. GoSutto says:

    I know everyone’s an expert at what you’re doing (I’m not) but Dan Travels
    did something similar and installed a pressure valve so he could pump air
    into the pipe to create more pressure. If you haven’t already seen it you
    may want to check it out. Van looks great, glad to see things looking up
    for you!

  10. Survival_Medic says:

    Awesome vid man! New Subscriber

  11. Rob B says:

    Looks good man. Nice little rig with the A/C, generator, solar, solar
    water/shower supply, etc. I think you can manage the short space well since
    you don’t mind the less space. The only thing I would worry about is if you
    needed to stealth camp a night on a busy street or residential section and
    someone gets creeped out because of a black van parked near their
    house…may spook them to call the cops. Then again, they may just think
    its a construction worker’s/plumber’s van. LOL! Anyway man, enjoying the
    new changes and the vids…keep it up bro! Safe travels your way.

  12. Allen Hare says:

    I love this concept. I would tweak it in a couple of ways:
    1. 90 or 45 degree elbow at the low (front) end, to get the spigot as low
    as possible.
    2. Putting the “Fill” port at the high (back) end, instead of where it is
    now, on the low end.
    3. Using Teflon Plumbers Tape on the pipe threads, instead of silicon
    sealant, to allow for easy disassembly for cleaning, inspection, or
    Excellent first shot, though. The van is coming together nicely.
    Best of Luck, and Happy Camping!

    p.s. it was great to see Jax the Cat again!

  13. Dogs Cats an R.V. & Me says:

    Every time I comment on someone else’s channel I sound like I’m
    criticizing…… I’m really not im just trying to be helpfull. I don’t
    know if having that Genny mounted like that is such a good idea… Firstly
    even with a good cable lock it could get stolen, 2nd it kills your stealthy
    look, and most important of off even covered with a tarp to protect from
    rain its still gonna collect the morning Dew/condensation . its a pain in
    the a#$ but I bring mine in and store it in a closet and only set it out on
    a cable when I’m using it

  14. David Dube says:

    Since I’ve done something similar to this, what will you do if the water is
    too hot? We didn’t fill our’s until we got back to the rig and used Temp
    probe for cooking. Then 100-105 F and we were good to go.

  15. DW Red says:

    hate to tell ya but the solar panel is gonna catch too much wind like a
    wing and destroy itself

  16. godiskungen27 says:

    I just want to say. Do you all understand how great it is by Eric to do
    these videos and he does them while out on the road and on the go. He isnt
    sitting behind a nice large home office editing he is doing it while living
    during curcumstances that maybe most of us would find pretty hard day to
    day living. And still he manages to get out videos of High quality that is
    impressive. Its all so easy to critizize from youre own comfort at a home
    apartment or house but he really does an awsome job filming editing and
    same time living out on the road most of the time. Awsome job Eric really
    impressed. Regards Marcus

  17. Tinder inc says:

    I count the videos till your bad luck catch’s up the generator goes MIA.
    Anyone wanna place your bets weather or not it will make it till the end of
    the year?

  18. usopa1946 says:

    Hell at first I thought he was making a giant Potato gun to nail all these

  19. greatshebear says:

    Eric I was wondering if you could build a small, stationary pedestal for
    the toilet, so that it could be at a more normal level.
    My wife and I really like all the work you have done.
    Great job on all the upgrades man.

  20. Pastor Shawn says:

    I have read about the solar water heater I can’t wait to hear your review.
    Reading the comments here has already helped me conceptualize the process.


  21. Old Fart says:

    put another heater on the other side. 15 gallons really isnt much. one or
    two showers and its gone.

  22. campervandavid says:

    good job on the mods. If I was going to keep my van I probably would have
    done the solar water heater as well.

  23. OneWayofLiving says:

    Nice Job, Question. How do you plan on cleaning the solar water heater? I
    am considering making one for my van as well, but not sure how to go about
    it. Nice Video

  24. alex o'neal says:

    Good to see you happy and working on your RV again Eric…neat project…

  25. SEPI AUSTIN says:

    I got some catching up to do, i haven’t watched this in a month!