Solar Water Heater Lady Lake

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Lady Lake

12 Kilowatts of portable solar for the ultimate boondocking experience. Only 3,500.00

The ultimate tailgating TV! Only 9,999.99! FREE shipping!

Look at this! The ultimate diesel generator, only ,192.00 & FREE Shipping!

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24 Responses

  1. 2012escapee1 says:

    The solar panels are doing great!

  2. Dan Travels says:

    Glad the new panels are meeting your needs. Enjoy Nevada! I stayed 2 weeks
    in vegas and loved it.

  3. NDNomad says:

    Awesome setup! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Roger Olivier says:

    Thank you for the video ! 🙂 Enjoy Lake Mead.
    Solar power is the best thing for boondocking. Lovely.

  5. Kansas Devil says:

    The problem with the sun and solar power is, the utility companies can’t
    control it. All of that lost profit potential; being stolen by RVers. Have
    you no shame? What if everyone did that? Why, the entire economy would
    collapse and utility CEOs would have to sell their oil filled mansions for
    solar powered motor homes.
    Oh, the humanity!!!!!

  6. john charles says:

    So glad it’s working out.

  7. Larry Witte says:

    I love my solar on my trailer

  8. RVDebs Journey says:

    Have you needed ac or running a fan for circulation? Looks like you are
    doing great! Do you have good wifi there? What do you use to get connected
    if you don’t mind me asking since I am about to equip my travel trailer. :)

  9. George Gardinier says:

    have you forgotten about the wind generator, good show

  10. jlwftl says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE boondocking solar full power water pump lights tv radio
    computer everything runs on my solar ref and have power to burn. my air
    unit no the gen runs it but everything else even the electric side of my
    gas/ elect water heater is on solar .

  11. Lslawson Lslawson says:


  12. sailingsolar says:

    Those numbers should to be taken with a grain of salt when your actually
    charging or draining your batteries. The numbers your quoting are true but
    only when the batteries are NOT being charged or when they are driving a
    load. The numbers are when the batteries are at a resting state but you
    are doing fine all the same.

    Those golf cart batteries you have do have a specific number of
    discharge/charge cycles. As that number approaches the battery’s ability
    to accept and hold a charge degrades. For example, your battery bank
    size is supposed to be determined based on your daily usage. Typically they
    should be able to carry your through 3 days of cloudy weather. If you were
    to discharge your batteries 50% and fully charge them over a 24 hour cycle
    you should expect to get 1200 cycles. If you were to discharge/charge them
    80% or more over a 24 hour cycle daily you might get 800 cycles. If you
    discharge/charge the 20% you should get 3000 cycles based on what I’ve read
    on the Trojan web site. So, with that in mind, having to small of a bank
    or not enough solar panels based on your electrical daily usage will
    dramatically effect the life time of your bank.

    I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating to those who don’t know, no
    one should ever connect new batteries with old ones. When new and old
    batteries are paralleled together, the new ones will only perform to that
    level which your old ones are. That will prematurely affect their
    performance and life in a negative way.

  13. Nor Cal Dave says:

    Good News! Congrats.

  14. Sandra Lynn says:

    Hi Escapee1 *_* Excellent gadget ‘Blue-sky Energy’ reading 14.33
    and the bonus is . . . ( it’s made in Vista, Ca. ) … our home
    town next door .. Fallbrook !

  15. Debbie Schneider says:

    Thanks for the update!

  16. Pluto Believer says:

    Excellent! Gives you a lot more options, I bet…

  17. Linescrew1 . says:

    My 120 watts of solar here in Canada works fine as long as it’s spring,
    summer or early fall! Lol. Any plans on heading north to avoid the coming
    summer heat??

  18. David Henson says:

    123,500 American dollars for solar panel I will stay on my electric grid

  19. 4G Nomad says:

    Started watching you last. Great to see the new solar panel is working out
    for you. I am starting to research to go mobile full time myself. Good to
    see that the panel will allow you to run a laptop without issue. I need
    one for the work I do at home.

  20. Rusty Nail says:

    Thank you for the video ,and the info.

  21. gareth davies says:

    what batteries u using to run u laptop all day off the solar im using 150w
    solar and it not enough going to have to upgrade

  22. William Klein says:

    Out in the boondocks how do you upload your videos?

  23. ReignBeauHounds says:

    Good deal!! Glad to hear it’s all working well.

  24. 2012escapee1 says:

    RV Boondocking Lake Mead 190W of Solar Panels