Solar Water Heater Lake City

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Lake City

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Home made solar hot water heater. It’s been working in Grass Valley, CA. near Auburn CA, about an hour out side Sacramento, Ca for the last 30 years. Simple and cheap to build. On grid or off grid. You can also find us at
4026 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA 95602-9138

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  1. jwsoup says:

    sweet I do the same at my hunt camp.Thanks for posting that.

  2. Andrew Twidwell says:

    It will freeze unless you shut off the loop and drain it done.

  3. Andrew Twidwell says:

    The cold water feed comes in the cold inlet on the top of the W/H were you
    would normally hook up the cold. The hot feed to the house does the same,
    it comes out of the hot side of the W/H. I’m putting together a how too
    plan and diagram to answer all these questions in more detail, stay tuned,
    or subscribe.

  4. kaduisaui says:

    That’s pretty neat!

  5. MrGuvEuroman says:

    One of my gas colleges made his own out of an old window and an old
    cylinder winding. Great for pre heating combi boiler/Unvented cylinder’s
    mains water inlets to get a better temp rise+to stop the boiler working so
    hard= Save on gas/fuel. I’m gonna make own to preheat my boiler inlet water
    too! 🙂

  6. tony welder says:

    Thank you for the video. I’m considering doing something like this.

  7. waderiver says:

    Thanks for that, so how do i purchase the Do-It-Yourself Guide.

  8. inthepresentraw says:

    Thanks for sharing You are awesome. This is what I need. I am also going to
    build a convection heater. Can I combine the two together!

  9. Andrew Twidwell says:

    In Responce, Dude it aint perfect, it’s home made. Yes it’s a radiator, and
    yes if you turn the gas on it will use gas to heat the water. You can get a
    whole lot more sophisticated and put a thermal switch, pump controller and
    a pump to make it more efficient, but then it’s not a simple DIY project.

  10. Ferenc Farkas says:

    Farkasplumbing: This systemworks in all climates….we are in Montreal ,
    Canada. It’s simple and with a few add ons it is great. Keep things
    simple!!!!! Frank

  11. Andrew Twidwell says:

    There where a few freeze repairs done by the owner over the years. But it
    was well built and paid for it’s self many times over.

  12. BostonVideoPromo says:

    thank you for sharing

  13. Becky Kauffman says:

    cold water looks to me makes a 3-4 foot drop not 1/4 per foot. i guess i
    don’t get it. isn’t the hot water more than a quarter grade. I don’t
    understand. is 1/4 important

  14. Andrew Twidwell says:

    Thanks for the reply.

  15. HvensFury says:

    Sorry friend, we know that wives tale is no tale! Here at 6000 feet above
    sea level when it gets to freezing it is the hot water pipe that freeze and
    burst first. The reason for that is the molecules in hot water are spread
    further apart than cold and so the actually cool and freeze quicker. It
    doesnt sound possible but everyone here knows it , because it is part of
    the ‘plumming experience’ here in the winter.

  16. 528hemi says:

    @tobyminti That’s some real nice bragging there.

  17. geovani roberts says:

    good job!

  18. Super Fabricator says:

    @bucktheusa they do kill flow but why do you need 90 degree fittings? Just
    make the smoothest largest arc you can to wind up. Sure a tube bender costs
    a few bucks but its a tool, it should service enough to pay you back for
    not buying bags of 90s and having to sweat them together.

  19. Arshad Ullah says:

    you just need to supply fresh water to bottom and thats it? no motor to or
    anything .?

  20. adamaus4680 says:

    @youstupidmoron and there is ur typical pig headed american

  21. BrokenRRT says:

    Does anyone know were I can find the info on how to use/plumb an old water
    heater tank for my solar holding tank? I notice most folks tht use one do
    not use the top in and out nipples and and use the drain line plus the pop
    off ect. I need to find plns for this. We hve a pass through system built
    by place no longer in business and need new tank.

  22. Hans Ignaitis says:

    @Coacmaster Perhaps they took an entire hour to replace the braces/box
    every 10 years. I’ve seen plenty of old raw wood that is doing fine
    outdoors today.

  23. J-N-H-M says:

    its pretty smart .. and its 30 years old .. i wanna meet them , or there
    kids who ever .. but i mean for cloudy days or sumthing shouldnt there be
    magnifying glasses to focus heat and get stuff really hot … if needed …
    then on the other hand … if you build this to handle the pressure , you
    know it can be a Generator when its looping the water round and round …
    Come on smart people , lets change the world !

  24. Nomad Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing the plans I have several good sized mirrors left over
    from a demo would using these help any?

  25. Glenn Hough says:

    Awesome plans, thank you for sharing…