Solar Water Heater Lake Worth

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Lake Worth

Water heaters will typically leak from one of two places. Depending on where yours is leaking, you may or may not need a new water heater. If your heater is leaking from its T&P valve (a.k.a. Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve), you might not need a new heater. If it is leaking from the tank, then the time has come for you to get a new heater.

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  1. boyofGod81 says:

    thanks from ca

  2. Jeanne Brown says:

    That was awesome. My little drip tube thing, (OK so I am a girl and not a
    plumber) has been dripping for several days. Just after I raised the heat
    setting slightly. Do you make house calls in Idaho? 

  3. Jessica Williams says:

    my water heater is leaking pretty fast and consistently out of the pipe you
    explained first, I dont have one of those levers you had on the top, but i
    do see an on/off switch on this fan looking thing attached to some metal

  4. faffaflunkie says:

    Just put a METAL oil pan under the overflow pipe and call it a Day. If
    there REALLY is an overpressure problem in your tank- You will know it by
    the Mess you will find in your Basement.

  5. MrAstephen says:

    Very good video.
    In my case a lot of hot water started running very fast in my back yard.
    It came thru the water dripper pipe attached to the Temperature & Pressure
    Relief Valve. Inside of the garage, were the water heater is installed,
    there’s no sign of licking. The water heater and the floor are dry. I
    turned off the 2 valves and shut off the power. Any advice? Thanks.

    PS: You talk about “too much pressure in your house” How can I check and
    control it?

  6. Elwoodyoo says:

    So I recognize that you have covered the question on the pipe leaking
    water…my question again I guess and apologize for the repetitive
    question, should I be concerned of it leaking? When do I do something about
    it? Can I release pressure by turning the nozzle on the pressure pipe? I
    hate to call in a plumber and be charged an arm and leg if I can do a quick

  7. scott hosler says:

    This is not terrible, but it took 5:35 to only talk about two leak
    locations. What about pipe joints, drain valve, ball valve, etc. Great
    format idea, talking to and educating a customer, but work on the delivery
    and consider these other locations.

  8. estrelladelnorte1308 says:

    call the plumber and bend over….

  9. Matthew lysakowski says:

    Thanks enjoyed the video and informative.

  10. johnlocke445 says:

    I was waiting for the fixing part of the pressure relief valve problem. You
    said it was a problem with the biggest concern but the easiest to fix. I
    still don’t know how to stop my leaking pressure relief valve. You did not
    address the “easiest to fix” part.

  11. thedefinitive says:

    It’s time to replace our heater but we dont have the means to get it
    replaced. I’m thinking of just turning the water supply off for the night
    and turning it back on in the morning for showers. Do I have to turn the
    gas off as well or is it ok to leave it on overnight as the water leaks out
    into buckets?

  12. pdbailey2003 says:

    righty tighty…. lefty loosey

  13. Kevin Lakin says:

    this guy is an expert?

  14. Nick Saras says:

    this person mumbles

  15. Allen Paul J. Maillet says:

    Could another problem be, that some nasty person screwed with the Water
    Heater Setting?

  16. MrTachyon3000 says:

    LEAKING WATER. Let’s remember it can also leak gas.

  17. VizCO says:

    Be notified of leaks and avoid potential water damage by adding a water
    heater alarm.

  18. chris robertson says:

    Except for his comment on 210 degree water, he is correct. If the safety
    has kicked the valve open, there is generally a bigger issue that needs to
    be addressed, and should be checked by a licensed plumber. People like to
    complain about how much a plumber charges but like to ignore the fact that
    by getting the problem handled correctly, they are reducing the damage to
    all their other fixtures in the case of excessive pressure, and in almost
    all cases the water damage and mold that will form with an extended hot
    water leak. If you find that a plumber costs you a fortune, it is probably
    because you tried to fix it yourself first and really messed things up. 

  19. RedArrow73 says:

    0:18 Don’t say, “this”, say the name of the component.

  20. joha churchill says:

    please I have a question is even I turn the power off from the main breaker
    and I check the water if it’s colder the water still hot can you tell me
    from what the problem is and thank you in advance

  21. Aleksey M says:

    one of the sides of “Trageser copper Works Inc” gas water heater is very
    hot to the touch the other side is cool. could this mean that there might
    be a leak on the inside tank? what else could be wrong? how can i check
    for the leak?

  22. AmRFuKYaH says:


  23. IThinkWithMy Liver says:

    Use it for target-practice?

  24. Michael Block says:

    Mine started leaking from the drain valve at the bottom. The cheesy plastic
    drain valve cracked, I messed with it and it just completely came off. I
    shut off the water and the gas supply, and just went to sleep.