Solar Water Heater Loxahatchee Groves

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Loxahatchee Groves

Home Built Recirculating Aquaculture System

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  1. geomodules says:

    Love our videos. I picked up 100 fingers 3 months back. Picked up 2 tanks
    55 gallon and 75 gallon. The ones in the 75 gallon are double in size to
    the other tank. Keeping the tanks clean is a battle. I have been testing
    different ideas with them. My goal is to remove power bill from equation.
    Gravity and solar. Your not buying your fingers now right?

  2. TheJwb7111 says:

    Great job! love seeing the updates!

  3. Steven Bailey says:

    The female adapters connecting your ibc totes to your plumbing, where did
    you get them, and are they 2.25″ like mine are????

  4. Tom Brueggen says:

    I’m pretty sure you just love playing with PVC like me, and that’s why you
    are always moving things around 🙂 It’s like grown man Legos! I’m looking
    for some guidance on setting up my own system and had a few detailed
    questions for you. Will you entertain a PM, or would you prefer questions
    on the videos themselves?

  5. Gladys Foster says:

    How much do you think a set up like your cost, also put in the lights and
    all. Exclude electricity cost. Just set up cost.

  6. Starrwulf7 says:

    just wondering… why you elected to try 2 crops a year instead of spaceing
    it out to say a smaller crop every month?

  7. shanams1 says:

    where are you getting the babies from, are you breeding them?

  8. Mike D says:

    You have a very nice set up , I was thinking of setting up something my
    self with 500 gallons pools. I was going to use a ecotemp hi 40 propane
    thankless water heather (under $500). I have one for my house and its very
    economical. I’m from Canada and fingerlings are very expensive here ($3 a
    piece for 1000) so I ordered 100 and will breed them my self hopefully.
    Enjoy your vids very nice.

  9. T2H Instructionals says:

    Ok good deal, I see you still have the glass tanks, man love it, you really
    did well on this.

  10. chad911TT says:

    Hey fish just wanted to know where you’z get you fish from happy new year

  11. Antonio Navarro says:

    sick!! set up!! #1 yupppp 🙂

  12. Reginald Maynard says:

    how did you learn about this did you take a course on this

  13. Michael Bandeko says:

    The manufacterer of the controller you are using for your tank heaters also
    makes a 2 stage controller. J.D. MFG part number VC241. They rate it as
    being able to control two heating elements.

  14. Michael Bandeko says:

    Another way to control two heating elements with a single stage controller
    would to use a relay to control the elements and then the controller would
    open and close the relay.

  15. fishandworms says:

    Thanks, I’ll check that out.

  16. fishandworms says:

    That’s a very interesting thought. To run two 1500 watt elements, you would
    need a 30 amp breaker with number 10 wire. Thanks again. Steve.

  17. fishandworms says:

    If I didn’t have a decent job and a understanding wife, I couldn’t do this
    ether. My goal is to provide my grand kids with some clean fish to eat. It
    has definitely been an uphill battle getting to a point where my system
    actually works. Once I have accomplished that, I’ll have to figure out how
    to make it run afford ably. When the SHTF, I have a 5000 watt generator,
    backup heaters and a backup pump. Steve.

  18. robin canfield says:

    love your new set up. Iam setting up a watter collection system and have a
    330 gallon tote but cant figure out what size the nozzle is , can you help
    with what size pvc will fit it looks like the iI D is a hare less than 1and
    a half inches.

  19. dlfppa says:

    where do you sell these fish? Thanks for your time.

  20. Rattlerjake1 says:

    You should try diversity, a tank or two of tiger prawns and a tank or two
    of a cooler water fish (bream, catfish, perch) that doesn’t need the heat,
    saves a lot of energy. For the non-vegetarian fish I feed kibbled dog food,
    it’s way cheaper than commercial fish food (slightly lower in protein

  21. Omar Frankson says:

    very nice set up…….does the twine help with bio filtration and is it
    just natural butchers twine?

  22. mef1975 says:

    Would’ve been cool if you could’ve harvested a bin a month.

  23. claudia gamino says:

    What food (pellets) did you use for the tilapia. Where did you buy it from,
    besides the duck weed you grow??

  24. butch gardner says:

    Just watched your Vid#11. Can you share some information on your sieve.
    Is it made for aquaponics? Who makes it? Is the 300 micron filter
    “mesh” or “perforated metal”?
    Thanks, Butch
    Richmond, Va.

  25. Hung Nguyen says:

    The bottom of your tanks are filled with waste. Take a few minutes to look
    at this self cleaning drain system i saw from browsing Youtube. It might
    help you get better quality for your fishes and spend less time cleaning.