Solar Water Heater Palmetto

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Solar Water Heater Palmetto

The SOLAR WATER BOTTLE has lighted many poor homes. It was designed by some researchers at the famous MIT. Take a transparent plastic bottle and hang three-fourths of it inside a cardboard box. Fill it completely with water and then screw-on the lid. On one side make a round peep-hole. On opening the bottom lid you can see the bottle hanging. Paste a lot of pictures inside the box. The shut the base lid and tape all the joints to prevent any light coming through the joints. Cut a big bottle and cover it with black paper. This dark bottle will be used to cover the light bottle. Now place the box in sunlight. You can cover or uncover the WATER BOTTLE with the dark bottle. This will demonstrate the power of the bottle light. View through peep hole and cover and uncover bottle at top. On uncovering you will see bright pictures inside. On shutting with the dark bottle it will be pitch dark inside. On uncovering there will be bright light inside. The plastic bottle filled with water acts like a bulb. It uses no electricity. Children can see the power of the sun and enjoy it. It is a terrific science experiment. And this simple WATER BOTTLE SUNLIGHT can bring light to many poor homes.

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