Solar Water Heater Tampa

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Tampa

So far I am not feeling encouraged about this design’s ability to REALLY heat water. But it is a fun project made completely from “trash”. Thanks much to Suzanne here in south Tampa for the black rain barrel that was the catalyst. I will keep playing with both reflective and insulative aspects over the next few months as in the meantime it is a great rain barrel, John

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  1. John Starnes says:

    Thanks! So far it is not doing a very good job, so I will keep playing
    around with differing reflectors and their angles. Fun to experiment with
    free stuff like this!

  2. trailkeeper says:

    Just an idea if you didn’t think of it already, would be to put the barrel
    on a turntable so it can be turned to face the sunlight better if it was
    put into a box with a glass window, maby double-pane type, and the other
    two sides could be mirrors..and insulated on sides and back.

  3. John Starnes says:

    That glass box idea is great as in Denver I used scavenged double-paned
    patio doors to make giant hotframes for winter gardening. If I can surround
    the barrel in some fashion with double paned windows and still access the
    spigot and be able to stir the water before use I bet I’d get MUCH hotter
    water. Thanks for that great idea! John

  4. Anderson Flanders says:

    i think you need to focus on heating the bottom, because hot water rises,
    right? So if you focus on heating the top, you will just get super boiling
    water up at the top, but it is not necessarily going to go down. On the
    other hand, focus all your heat source at the bottom, and the water will
    rise as it is heated.

  5. polok890 says:

    dip yr bucket in to get the hot water