Solar Water Heater Virginia Gardens

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Virginia Gardens

Jackie has created this solar heat collection system to heat water, and uses it to heat a hot tub made from a stock tank.

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  1. GAZ COR says:

    Is all that for real, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Good on her
    for having a go. I believe more fun designing and building than actual

  2. Virginia Wind says:

    Oh yes it’s all very real. My friend is quite the inventor, and yes I think
    she has a lot of fun designing and building. This hot water heater is
    actually working very well and better than she expected.

  3. Preston Krienke says:

    This is great! I did a DIY hot tub the other night at my house. I only got
    it up to 85-90, which was ok, and enjoyed for a couple hours. I’ve been
    looking at other people’s setups. I like yours the best. How often do you
    use it?

  4. ipsol2 says:

    I use this system almost every day, as an outdoor shower. I often don’t
    collect enough water for a tub, but plenty for a shower. I actually can
    turn my electric hot water heater off in the summer. This system, although
    it seems complicated, is one of the most reliable solar powered things I

  5. toadely69 says:

    What if you had it hooked up to a regular hot tub with a returned water
    line making the colder water circulate the warm through the system.