Solar Water Heater West Miami

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Solar Water Heater West Miami

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Williams Air Technologies LLC/ Solar Aided Systems specializes in Solar Systems and Air-Conditioning. We are registered and located in the State of Texas, USA. We are encouraging the use of renewable energy and the practice of energy conservation.

We ship solar components and systems worldwide; we supply, install and maintain solar electric systems and solar house and pool water heating systems. Williams Air Technologies LLC / Solar Aided Systems install and maintain Air-Conditioning Systems, residential and commercial. We are certified by Carrier Sycracuse New York in Air-conditioning Systems Design and Carrier Miami in VVT & CCS controls. For residential applications we install the White Rogers zoning system. We are a manufacturers rep. for Rudd Air Conditioning in the Houston Market.

Our solar systems include our solar generators. These units are mounted on trailers, enabling our customers to hitch to a car, van or truck and tow to where needed. The items are equipped with solar panels, regulator, batteries, and 110 volt outlets. We provide three sizes; the M3 is rated at 2 – KW, J2 – 4 KW and J1 – 5 JW.

Williams Air Technologies / Solar Aided Systems installs radiant barrier using material developed by the space program. We offer whole house wrap, wrap of items such as water heaters, pipes, garage doors and attic stairs. We install radiant barrier in the attic space attached to the undersize of the rafters or to the floor of the attic. This product can also be installed prior to installing the roof for new construction.

The systems are leased to contractors in the building industry, personnel performing repairs and or maintenance and road construction projects. The plant is very reliable for providing electrical power using solar energy when conventional electric energy is not available or when noise is an issue.

In fact our solar generators can readily replace a stand by generator. The units are well suited for recreational use.

We also provide and install laundry and Trash Chutes systems used by Hotels, Motels, Office buildings, Schools, Hospitals and high rise building.

Williams Air Technologies has 30 years experience in electro-mechanical systems, with training and work experience from institutions such as;

National Institutes of Health (BEIB, DRS), Lands End College England, Polytechnic Barbados, Hospital Systems in the Caribbean, John Hopkins University Laparoscopy research USA, Cable & Wireless Telecommunications Dominica, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank St Kitts West Indies, International Federation of Indoor Air Scientists Scotland and Accurate Air Systems a Comfort System USA company.

We have performed air-conditioning work for major motels under trade names of Hampton Inn and Suites, Comfort Inn and Suites, LA Quinta Inn and Suites, Studio 6, Holiday Inn and Suites, and Baymont Inn.

We have under taken air-conditioning work for Bellaire Medical Center, Family Medical Center, Pediatric Clinic Pearland, Womens Medical Center Clear Lake and Family Medical Clinic Katy Texas among others.

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