Solar Water Heater Wilton Manors

Posted on: July 3, 2015 by in Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Wilton Manors

Back for another pool update. Sorry about the holdup. It’s really picking up now.

The guy who dug the pool came down with his Bobcat and Mack truck and filled in the trenches and smoothed them out. Then the next crew came out and they began to install the tile around the inside rim of the pool. We chose a dark, Italian style tile to match the house. I think it turned out nice! Finally, another group of guys came out and dug a trench from the house, ran the electric lines through it, then installed the filter, pump, circuit breaker, and water heater apparatus in the back corner. All the electric was hooked up, and a few outlets were placed. They have to put the gas line in the trench as well. The gas will be used to heat the hot tub, and eventually run a generator.

The next thing they have to do is pour the concrete patio, then coat it with Cooldeck, which is almost like paint. Stay tuned!

3 Responses

  1. iloveminecraft56 says:

    Love the video ,and the pool is looking great!

  2. MichaelTJD60 says:

    Thanks! Wait till you see it in the next video. They just poured the
    concrete patio and it looks awesome! That vid should be up in a few days.

  3. MichaelTJD60 says:

    Thank you!