Tankless Water Heater Aventura

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Tankless Water Heater Aventura

Our National Day of Action was GREAT !!!!!!!!!

We Hosted TWO Events. We held a GREEN FAIR at our LaCausa location. at the fair we displayed our Green enterprises and our vendors. We had a 1)Recycling booth 2) Our Computer Recycling Booth 3) Mini-structures displaying Tankless Water Heaters 4) CFL lighting along with a host of other programs and products. We also displayed our Green friendly products the are Eco friendly. Our Vendors in attendance were WATTS UP AMERICA, REAS , PV JOBS, PHAT ENERGY, SCE, and our many friends from our community and surrounding locations. We also have a Bike Recycling program where we take donated bikes and refurbish them and give too the youth in our community. We presented (2) bikes at our events. Our 2nd Event was a Painting and Landscaping project using native plants to Californis and Pint Products that are Green friendly, in co-op with SERVICE NATION, L A WORKS, AMERICORE and GREEN JOBS NOW. Students from LaCausa volunteered along with Service Nation and Tobey Maguire and friends. oUR YOUNG POPLE NEED JOBS AND WE IN THE GREEN INDUSTRY ARE READY.

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