Tankless Water Heater Belle Isle

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Tankless Water Heater Belle Isle

http://www.MagneticMotorHOJO.com – With all the emphasis these days on green energy, green living and green jobs, most people are searching for a way to produce green energy for their own homes. Magnetically generated energy may be the least explored method for creating green energy. The most popular ways to generate renewable power are solar energy, requiring solar panels mounted on your roof or in your yard, and wind generated energy, which requires a wind powered generator mounted on either a pole or a tower that is erected high and in the clear to harness the maximum amount of wind available in your locale.

Both of these most popular methods require some up front investment. A smaller investment if you do it yourself, and substantially more if you buy ready made solar panels or wind generators. But even in this case the energy generating devices require installation by someone who knows what they are doing, preferably someone who is certified in this area. This adds greatly to the cost of investment. Even though this investment will pay for itself in energy savings eventually, the time frame for these savings is considerable, even for a home built solution.

The magnetically generated energy solution is considerably more realistic for the homeowner, from a cost standpoint and a do it yourself standpoint. Equipped with suitable plans and the fact that the materials needed can be purchased from your local hardware, home improvement or electronics store, the Howard Johnson magnet powered motor is a project anyone can undertake, even if you are new to the do it yourself energy scene.

To explain what magnetically generated energy is all about, first of all the energy itself doesn’t come from the magnets. The magnets are used instead to drive a special type of motor. This motor uses no external energy to power it, only the attracting and repelling forces of the permanent magnets mounted in the motor in a particular and critical configuration are used to create mechanical motion. This magnetically created motion is then harnessed to drive an alternator or even a generator to create abundant green and renewable energy for your home.

So, you may be saying this is all very interesting, but who is Howard Johnson and why is this special motor named after him? Howard Johnson spent the majority of his life studying and ways of implementing magnetic forces to create virtually free energy. He managed to obtain three patents on his designs which prove the realistic application of his long and dedicated study of this energy source.

Building and applying Howard Johnson’s magnet powered motor to your home energy situation can be accomplished by anyone, even a beginner. The cash outlay for materials and quality construction plans is infinitesimal compared to solar or wind powered energy. Even the least experienced home energy enthusiast can build the Howard Johnson magnetic motor and get it up and generating practically free energy in no time.

With all the benefits of magnetically generated energy, isn’t it time you picked up a set of quality construction plans and start building your own Howard Johnson magnet powered motor? The energy savings realized by implementing this project will save you up to 75% or even more on your electricity bill and your investment will be repaid many times over in no time.

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