Tankless Water Heater Dundee

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Tankless Water Heater Dundee

You can have a hot, temperature-controlled shower ready in minutes, even while camping in the most remote areas.

ShowerCoil™ Portable Water Heater and Camping Shower offers a comfortable and versatile upgrade from a solar shower while adding very little weight to your gear.

Whether you need hot water for a shower, cleaning up dishes, or washing clothing, SureTEMP™ Temperature Control gives you control and flexibility, allowing you to preset the temperature you need.

Simply fill and hang up one solar bag with water, interconnect and apply heat to the coil with either a camp fire or stove. In 10-15 minutes you’ll be ready to shower with 4 gallons of hot water at just the right temperature.

One filled solar shower bag runs for 8-9 minutes at full flow and can last up to four showers when water is conserved by using the integral flow control valve within the shower head assembly.

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