Tankless Water Heater Hialeah

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Hialeah

The Most Powerful [email protected] Smart Technology electric tankless water heater on the market. The ECO 27 — 27KW water heater is configured for COLD CLIMATES where the incoming water temperature can drop below 45F well suited for homes in the Northern U.S. and Canada and in the southern U.S. that have large Roman-style or Jacuzzi tubs and that have generally more demanding water usage needs.

6 Responses

  1. Jesucristoestodo says:

    Having a little trouble here just installed it by a licensed
    electrician/plumber thing worked a few times then stopped working…I
    called Carlos one of the owners of Ecosmart and I am waiting for a

  2. J.M. Valdivia says:

    whats the update?

  3. Jesucristoestodo says:

    It all GOOD I just sent the bad one back and they sent me a BRAND NEW ONE
    last week…AWESOME I am recommending this unit FOREVER to everyone I
    know…this will pay for itself in a few short years!!! Does the whole
    house with NO PROBLEMS and yes TWO SHOWERS at the same time water is still
    very hot !!!! Great product !!

  4. australianmade74 says:

    its great but the amp draw is huge!! i would have to spend alot of $ just
    to upgrade everything.

  5. Scott Gregg says:

    Make sure you do your homework on electric tankless and any tankless for
    that matter. Google “Tankless 101” and read that! Search You tube also for
    “Tankless 101” and watch those. THat will help you choose the right prodcut
    for your job. BEWARE! Some salesmen will tell you anything to sell their
    widget and tankless is no different. Many are great products with great
    reputations. Beware of the “Carney’s” selling them. I’ve caught many in
    outright lies. Tankless is great when chosen well.

  6. Troy Anderson says:

    I had a tech install a tank less 27 for house and the pool model as well on
    my pool.
    I will have to say after all the bad stuff i had heard over the years these
    things kick A$$ The ECO brand is the way to go.