Tankless Water Heater Holly Hill

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Holly Hill

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  1. Expert Express plumbing heating and air conditioning says:


  2. Travis Dettmer says:

    Hello! I have a late-model Apollo HydroHeat in an investment property I
    just bought. Property was empty for a year, hence the water heater sat
    mostly unused. Water heater itself is new within 2 years. It seems to
    heat the house ok. When the water wasn’t hot enough, I turned it up to
    full heat and it worked great for a few days. Hot showers and everything,
    finally. Now showers are tepid at best (but house still heats well
    enough). Thoughts where I should start diagnosing the problem?

  3. dinara sagatova says:

    Hi, we have an Apollo gas-fired hot water boiler/heater (and we have heat
    pump system). Every time we turn on water we hear loud banging, clicking
    noises in pipes. As far as I know, right before we moved in everything was
    fine, but previous owners had a plumber close cold water valve on the
    boiler and replace 2 faucets (bathroom, kitchen). Plumbing services came
    and didn’t know how to deal with our water boiler/heat pump, told us to
    call heating services. Heating services came, said they don’t deal with
    this type of heat pump and told us to call plumbing services…. what can
    we do? Shall we attempt to “open” the cold water valve? Which one is it?

  4. Kolin McIntire says:

    Hello…I have an Apollo system in my 1990 construction townhouse. The Gas
    Apollo water heater was replaced in 2009. I have been renting this house
    out for many years now and have not had the opportunity to check out this
    system myself. However, I just received a bill for some work done by an
    HVAC company. One of the items they say the did was to turn off the hot
    water supply to the air handler. Can you tell me why they might do this?
    Also, doesn’t this mean that the hot water will have to be turned back on
    when the weather turns cold. Seems to me the system should be
    automatic…not manual. I know that I never did this while I lived in the
    home. Thanks in advance.