Tankless Water Heater Miami Gardens

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Miami Gardens

http://mattknowsthat.com/ One of the most common questions I get asked, by builders and homeowners alike, is for my opinion of Tankless Water Heaters. The short answer is YES, I like them, but the long answer is, “It Depends!” Watch this video to see what those variables are.

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  1. TibbyATL says:

    Great video. What do you feel is more energy efficient, an electric
    tankless system or a gas tankless system? I am not sure if this is what you
    were addressing but do any units come with on demand options? Meaning,
    pushing a button (or an auto sensor) at a hot water source and the unit
    heats the water but is recirculating the unheated water? Like the D’Mand

  2. Matt KnowsThat says:

    In terms of “efficiency” technically the electric ones are efficient, but
    you need to remember that even if an electric water heater is almost 100%
    efficient, the utility is charging you for all the energy loss of getting
    the electricity to your house, so they’re a LOT more expensive to operate.
    In addition, the load requirement of a whole house electric tankless is
    about 170amps which is another whole service panel! If you have nat gas,
    that’s the way to go. I do like the D’mand systems too.

  3. Oregon Grown says:

    I have a Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 29, tankless (electric), since Aug
    2009. Worked fine till Sept 2013. Now shutting off constantly. Trouble
    shooting; got the utility checked 200 amp service. Fine. Flushed the
    heaters out with white distilled vinegar, and after an hour the vinegar was
    still clean; soft water in Portland, OR. The unit fires up then I get a 2
    minute shower and it shuts off. Then I reset and get another short burst of
    hot water. Could this be a thermostat? Suggestions?

  4. Matt KnowsThat says:

    Could be the thermo, but I would guess either low water pressure, or a
    faulty water pressure switch. These units have a water pressure sensor that
    will shut off the heating element if the water pressure drops below a
    certain threshold to prevent boiling the water instantly when it hits the
    heat exchanger which would cause a steam pressure problem. You can buy a
    water pressure gauge from professionalequipment dotcom and check the
    pressure. Let me know what you find out.